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SMITH: The Cost of Being Clouded by Profit

SMITH: The Cost of Being Clouded by Profit

For nearly a decade, audio distribution service SoundCloud has struggled to make money. With the late March launch of SoundCloud Go, a paid service offering access to premium content and features, the music streaming website hopes to bring in revenue after widespread warnings about the dangers of not having done[Read More…]

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Corp Revenue Rises, Profits Dip

In the year of its 40th anniversary, Students of Georgetown, Inc. announced a record revenue of $5,077,956.24 in its annual report released Feb. 18, marking the first time the company’s revenue has surpassed $5 million. But while the company’s operating income increased from approximately $77,000 in 2011 to more than $91,000 in[Read More…]

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Paragamian: How College Students Can Profit From Being the Market

How does this sound: 140 free burritos with chips and a drink to be shared with anyone you like in 2011? It might require some extra appearances at Yates, but I wouldn’t complain about the offer. Or how about 140 free Starbucks coffees? This essentially could have been yours if[Read More…]

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