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Professors of Georgetown

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VIEWPOINT: Eliminate Bias in Course Evaluations

At the end of each semester, students have the opportunity to shape our future learning by completing course evaluations. We should use these evaluations, typically biased against women and minorities, to help improve faculty diversity. Georgetown University’s administration must reconsider how it uses course evaluations, and students must reflect and[Read More…]

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DIBBLE: Remembering a Mentor

DIBBLE: Remembering a Mentor

Last week, Georgetown lost an important member of our community. For the Senior Compass Series, Susannah Dibble reflects on the lessons Marc Chernick and many other professors taught her during her time on the Hilltop.

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GU Professors Address Political Art

Georgetown is a center of dialogue about art and politics, integrating both of these disciplines through its diverse coursework. The department of art and art history gives students the opportunity to explore political concepts and movements through a strong arts education. Art as a Foundation Georgetown’s art and art history[Read More…]

EDITORIAL: Enshrine Ideological Diversity

One of the hallmarks of higher education is the opportunity to understand and grapple with a wide range of ideas. Yet, Georgetown falls short on its commitment to this ideological diversity in the makeup of its instructional corps. The university must work to remedy its lack of politically conservative professors[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Value Faculty, Protect Union

Georgetown’s original collective bargaining agreement with the Service Employees International Union Local 500 is set to expire June 30. Since the contract was first ratified in October 2014, adjunct professors — who are more professionally and economically vulnerable than full-time tenured faculty — have seen improvements in compensation and new[Read More…]

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Meeting Professors In Their Natural Habitat

This fall, I started playing weekly tennis games with one of my professors. I had taken a course with him in the spring, we had become friendly and both enjoyed tennis, though we both found discovering people to play with difficult. Nothing about this felt odd until I started telling[Read More…]

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Economics professor Billy Jack (right) and public policy professor James Habyarimana received a $3 million grant from USAID for a project to improve road safety in East Africa.

Profs Receive USAID Grant

The United States Agency for International Development awarded the Georgetown University Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation, known as gui2de, a $3 million grant to expand a road safety intervention project in East Africa. The USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures offered the grants to support Stage 3 of the Zusha study[Read More…]

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Outside Classrooms, Engaging the Hilltop

College tour guides have to answer dozens of questions. From “What does the blue light do?” to “Do coeds share bathrooms?”, the questions span from normal to bizarre. While many of the questions are regarding academics, the bulk are certainly concerning extracurricular activities. One of the key assets of the[Read More…]

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For 2 Professors, Like Father, Like Son

For 2 Professors, Like Father, Like Son

Underclassmen looking to take “International Relations” with professor Keir Lieber this semester may have been confused after searching his last name on MyAccess and finding mainly courses above the 300 level. That’s because “Lieber” returns search results for both Keir and his father, Robert Lieber, who is also a professor[Read More…]

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