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VIEWPOINT: Women Prosper Through Unity

In the past week, the argument of sexism and gender inequality has been used in explaining Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the presidential election. The conversation has examined the ways in which our country still grapples with sexism. While modern feminism pushes society to accept women in positions of power, many[Read More…]

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Addressed Professionally

Addressed Professionally

Among the many benefits of being a member of a university community, the distinction of having an email address ending in “.edu” is small, yet highly visible. In anticipation of this token of academic accomplishment, many of those receiving a address are likely to be underwhelmed, given that the[Read More…]

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Reconsidering the Humanities Crisis, Part I

Reconsidering the Humanities Crisis, Part I

Over the past year, the humanities have come under close scrutiny in our public discourse. Last summer, Harvard released a report that showed a decline in enrollment in humanities majors. In January, President Obama took a shot at art history majors in a speech on education and the job market. All the[Read More…]

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GU Student Etiquette Intact Despite National Trend

Although students sometimes show up to class in sweatpants, Georgetown faculty generally disagreed with the results of a recent survey that characterized college students as unprofessional. The report, released by the Center for Professional Excellence at York College in January 2013, found that approximately one-third of surveyed professors believed that[Read More…]

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