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THE MCDONOUGH ALLIANCE/FACEBOOK | GLMR is set to host a resume and cover letter review workshop in Red Square on Friday.

LGBTQ Professional Group Rebrands, Aims to Expand

McDonough Alliance, a student group that seeks to bridge the gap between queer students and professional opportunities, has changed its name to Georgetown LGBTQ+ Mentors and Resources and expanded events beyond career guidance to promote broader student involvement. Changing the McDonough Alliance’s name to GLMR affirms the organization’s commitment to[Read More…]

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DC Ranked Snobbiest City on East Coast

Washington, D.C., was named the snobbiest city on the East Coast and ranked seventh nationally in a survey from RoadSnacks, a regional-data information website. The survey, published Nov. 11, compiled information using designated affluence indicators including income, home prices, education levels, theaters and Whole Foods Market stores per capita. Georgetown[Read More…]

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Blinded by Pre-Professionalism Tunnel Vision

It’s January and a flurry of anxious suits descends onto Sellinger Lounge. Below the surface of casual chit-chat about winter break bubbles an undercurrent of apprehension about the nebulous and uncertain future, the entirety of which seems to rest on the outcome of the next few months. Recruitment season has[Read More…]

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The theme of TEDx Georgetown's second annual conference, held in Sept. 2012, was "Power 2020."

TED and the Interesting Ethos at Georgetown

  I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the interaction of presentation, speech, and ideas. From books such as “Talk like TED,” released this year, all the way back to Plato’s “Gorgias,” the power of the spoken word has captivated us. One of the major criticisms of TED argues that[Read More…]

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