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Representatives from H*yas for Choice joined members of the D.C. community at a vigil  outside the Supreme Court for the victims of the shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

H*yas for Choice Joins Planned Parenthood Vigil

Reproaction, a non-profit that advocates increased abortion access and reproductive justice, organized a vigil attended by H*yas for Choice for victims of the recent Planned Parenthood clinic shooting in Colorado outside the Supreme Court on Monday. Around 25 people attended the vigil, which was Reproaction’s first official event since university[Read More…]

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NGUYEN: Support Women’s Decisions

NGUYEN: Support Women’s Decisions

I am a man, one who is weighing in on the issue of a woman’s right to her own body. Preposterous? Yes. Invalid? I don’t think so. My lack of understanding as a man is all the more reason why I understand. Here’s the thing: I will not undergo nine[Read More…]

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KHAN: Pro-Life, Male and Proud

KHAN: Pro-Life, Male and Proud

An all-male Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide in the landmark decision Roe v. Wade. But when male legislators vote to restrict abortion and protect the unborn child, they are labeled misogynistic and cruel. According to the polls, nearly half of American women are pro-life, yet apparently these women are the marching[Read More…]

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Raining Cats, and Dogs, and Babies

Raining Cats, and Dogs, and Babies

There has been no public comparison of the outrage between the popular, media-driven frenzy over the shooting of a lion and the ongoing disclosures that a corporation has been selling human organs for monetary gain to the tune of half a billion dollars. There is an old-time adage that “if[Read More…]

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America’s Failing Feminism

When Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers came to campus to discuss her vision of feminism based on equality and the freedom of each sex to do as it chooses last week, the Sexual Assault Peer Education program protested her presence. It emailed its members stating that “an extremist anti-feminist speaker that[Read More…]

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In Response to “Engage in a Relevant Pro-Life Discussion”

After reading Mallory Carr’s recent piece in The Hoya titled “Engage in a Relevant Pro-Life Discussion” on H*yas for Choice and the Annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life (The Hoya, A3, Jan. 30, 2015), I feel compelled to engage in “relevant discussion.” But in order to do this, it is[Read More…]

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Georgetown’s Storied Culture of Encounter

Pope Francis has recently urged us to build a “culture of encounter.” He warns against an inward-looking culture that is closed off to the adventure and beauty of life. Furthermore, he believes that this self-referential culture eventually “gets sick.” Conversely, Francis advocates that a culture of encounter is one that[Read More…]

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CARR: Engage in a Relevant Pro-Life Discussion

CARR: Engage in a Relevant Pro-Life Discussion

This past weekend, our campus hosted the largest student-run pro-life conference of its kind, the 16th Annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life. Georgetown students brought in speakers from different backgrounds to address the morality of abortion and other life issues. In response to the mere presence of pro-life activists on[Read More…]

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Pro-Life Movement Honors Church

In many ways, Haylie Jacobson’s viewpoint “Pro-Choice Broader than Abortion Issue” (THE HOYA, A3, Feb. 5, 2013) offers a refreshingly honest self-critique of the pro-choice movement. It echoes Time Magazine’s recent assertion that the pro-choice movement has been losing since Roe v. Wade. But Ms. Jacobson’s analysis and discussion of[Read More…]

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Anti-Abortion Conference Explores Morality and Law

The 15th annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life, which focused primarily on “Morality and the Law,” is the largest student-run anti-abortion conference in the country and brought a broad spectrum of academics and activists to Healy Hall this past Monday. Named to honor the advocacy of Georgetown alumnus and Cardinal[Read More…]

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