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EDITORIAL: Ease Transition to Live Registration

Over two months after Georgetown University abruptly announced a transition to live registration for classes, the university registrar has failed to respond to pressing student concerns about the new process. Instead, it has abandoned students to grapple with the change on their own. Georgetown’s implementation of the new system replaces[Read More…]

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SHOHET: With Myriad Classes, Explore Interests

SHOHET: With Myriad Classes, Explore Interests

Participating in campus life — whether as a student, faculty member or staff — can wreak havoc on your sense of time. Perhaps I feel this notion more acutely than most, as I work not only with students as an academic advising dean but also in admissions, a field where[Read More…]

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GUSA Approves Live Registration Referendum

The Georgetown University Student Association senate approved a resolution to hold a campus-wide referendum to gauge student opinions on changes to the course registration procedure in a vote to be held digitally during the GUSA executive elections Feb. 18. Approved on Jan. 24, the resolution authorizes the GUSA Election Commission[Read More…]

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Education Lost to Policy

Preregistration can be a very stressful process. Filtering through scores of classes to find those with the highest-rated professors and the most interesting topics, all while fulfilling demanding requirements within a reasonable weekly schedule, poses quite the challenge. Above all, however, is the ever-important question: Will I actually get into[Read More…]

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Predicting Preregistration

Preregistration at any stage can be a very daunting process. Students often spend the entire preregistration period agonizing over which classes to take, which order to take them and how to formulate their schedule, followed by a period of self-doubt. Although Georgetown does a good job making preregistration less stressful[Read More…]

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What Do You Mean, I’m Waitlisted?

What Do You Mean, I’m Waitlisted?

Georgetown University is set to charge, as its sticker price, a staggering $46,200 for the 2014-2015 school year. Its tuition increase of 4.3% outstrips the U.S. inflation rate for 2013, which averaged 1.47%. This trend of increases in tuition costs being greater than the rate of inflation has become an[Read More…]

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Let Daddio Be Daddio

Standing in front of a classroom filled well beyond the 75-student pre-registration limit, sociology professor William Daddio was forced to start “Comparative Law Enforcement” on a more solemn note than intended. For years, Daddio has opened his courses to anyone who presented him with an add/drop form; more than 200[Read More…]

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Preregistration in the Dark

When encountering a philosophy course during preregistration with the intriguing but uninformative title “Sex, Science and Society,” students will inevitably click “View Course Description” on MyAccess. Unfortunately, the next page doesn’t add much insight: “We have no PHIL-197 course description for the 2012-2013 academic year.” Preregistration, which begins Monday for[Read More…]

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Clarifying Classes

During the preregistration craze, it’s tempting to look ahead to next term rather than focus on the end of this one. While the university has made strides toward decoding course listings on MyAccess during preregistration via curriculum clusters, academic departments need to more clearly define the meaning of course levels[Read More…]

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