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FLEMING-KLINK: Prejudice Pervades Our Justice System

Our criminal justice system is not broken. Instead, it works with breathtaking, astonishing effectiveness — without flaw, inconvenience or inefficiency — to achieve its purpose: the subjugation of impoverished communities and communities of color in America. Conversations about criminal justice cannot take place in the absence of our nation’s historical[Read More…]

A Dedication to Acceptance

A Dedication to Acceptance

My mother taught me to be tolerant. Never in my life have I thought of being any other way, all because of her. The first time I witnessed bullying, it shocked me so much that I thought I had simply misread the situation. I hadn’t. And so, as a 7-year-old,[Read More…]

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Worlds Away in Jordan, Identity Remains Masked

Worlds Away in Jordan, Identity Remains Masked

On the first day of my semester abroad in Amman, Jordan, my program director explained to my group that if we were not Muslim or Christian, “It’s easiest just to tell people you’re Christian.” I did not think it would be particularly hard to avoid telling people that I was[Read More…]

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#BBGU Prompts Discussion

“Having an academic advisor who acts really surprised when you excel in your classes.” “When everyone looks at you when the word ‘slavery’ is brought up in discussion.” “No black hairdressers on this side of town. So you have to trek 30-plus minutes.” “Having to defend why I am part[Read More…]

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Making Sense of the Graffiti

Anyone present on campus before this semester will recall the string of bias-related incidents that tarnished the campus mood last year. Their frequency was disheartening and their abusive nature was alarming. The acts of homophobia were met, rightly, with assertive disapproval from both the university and the student body. The[Read More…]

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