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ROSENSTEEL: Cherish Discoveries on the Hilltop

ROSENSTEEL: Cherish Discoveries on the Hilltop

My time at Georgetown University has been one of discovery. I have discovered the meaning of friendship, the importance of community, the perks of city life, my passions and, most importantly, myself. My choice to attend Georgetown was an unlikely and difficult one, as a first generation, low-income student. However,[Read More…]

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Do You Love Medicine?

To all pre-med “Josh” Hoyas, I write this as I sit in the depths of another university’s library, preparing myself for yet another physiology test in less than 36 hours. I was privileged, unlike many Hoyas, to be able to make it through the rigorous curriculum and approval process from[Read More…]

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Why Am I Wearing a Suit?

I write this as I sit in “Mammalian Physiology,” wondering why I find myself preparing for a consulting interview. Our professor just showed us a new biotech development, one that connects a mechanical arm to the somatosensory cortex — a beautiful medical development that elicited starry-eyed astonishment from everyone in[Read More…]

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When Pre-Med Gets Personal

The overambitious pre-medical student is a staple on the Georgetown campus. If you are not one yourself, you certainly know one. Pre-meds, as we are affectionately called, spend long nights laboring over lab experiments and science problem sets in the hope that we will someday receive the coveted golden ticket:[Read More…]

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A Degree in Mini-Medicine

A Degree in Mini-Medicine

At the Georgetown University Medical Center, a group of students study medicine and health without the goal of becoming doctors. The Mini-Medical School was born out of an effort to relieve student-neighbor tensions 18 years ago. “There was a lot of unrest. The students were disruptive, and we wanted to[Read More…]

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For Some Pre-Meds, an Alternative Future

While most pre-medical students at Georgetown continue on to medical school, others consider alternative paths such as research, nursing, consulting and education. According to Edward Meyertholen, assistant dean and director of pre-health programs, there are approximately 90 to 130 pre-medical students in the Class of 2016, including those in post-baccalaureate[Read More…]

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