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Jonathan Rothwell, Philippe Le Corre and Anders Åslund discussed the implications of the recent rise of golbal populism on international trade relations and immigration.

Panel Examines Impact of Populism

Speakers for the event included Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Anders Åslund, Gallup Senior Economist Jonathan Rothwell and Brookings Institution Senior International Affairs Analyst Philippe Le Corre.  The panel was moderated by Managing Director of the Business and Public Policy Initiative at the McDonough School of Business James Moore. Moore said[Read More…]

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PETROCHEILOS: Allowing Anger To Drive Change

PETROCHEILOS: Allowing Anger To Drive Change

With the divisive presidential election finally over, many people have expressed their concerns of a Republican executive branch combined with a Republican-controlled Congress. Rallies against Donald Trump across the country continue to make headlines alongside the Twitter hashtag #notmypresident. Frustrations continue to rise because former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton lost[Read More…]

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Francois Valentin

VALENTIN: Populism Fuels Far-Right Rise

In the post-Brexit chaos, The Guardian published a feature in June 2016 titled “Why elections are bad for democracy,” which argued how referendums can be detrimental to democracies. It was astonishing that 17 million British citizens voted to leave the European Union, putting their country at economic risk. While the[Read More…]

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