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Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope, will visit D.C. in 2015.

Pope Francis to Visit DC Later This Year

Pope Francis will visit Washington, D.C., this fall during his first official visit to the United States as pope. Francis’ three-city trip of New York City, Philadelphia and Washington marks the first papal visit to the United States since Pope Benedict XVI came in the spring of 2008. During that[Read More…]

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Pope Francis’s Biographer Talks About New Book

British journalist and author Austen Ivereigh spoke about Pope Francis’s rise to the papacy and read from his biography Francis, titled “The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope” Wednesday night. The event, which was cosponsored by the Berkley Center and the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought[Read More…]

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Vatican Shows Support for LGBTQ Congregation

With Monday’s release of a relatio post disceptationem document, the Vatican has advanced its position of support for gay and lesbian Catholics. Vatican officials updated the original document Thursday, however, revising the English translation of the document to read “providing for homosexual persons” from the original “welcoming homosexual persons.” The[Read More…]

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Catholic leaders discussed Catholic social thought in Gaston Hall on Thursday.

Catholic Leaders Address Divisions in the Church

A panel of leaders of Catholic publications spoke about divisions within the Catholic Church and Pope Francis’ ideas for unification of the church in an event sponsored by the Initiative on Catholic and Social Thought in Gaston Hall on Thursday evening. The panel, moderated by Director of the Initiative on[Read More…]

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Modern Popes Canonized

Modern Popes Canonized

Fr. John O’Malley, S.J., and Gerard Mannion, the amaturo professor in Catholic Studies, discussed the upcoming canonization of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II, and the former popes’ impact on the Catholic Church in Riggs Library on Wednesday. Vice President for Mission and Ministry Fr. Kevin O’Brien, S.J.,[Read More…]

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GRAY: Ignatius’ and Francis’ Exemplary Journeys

GRAY: Ignatius’ and Francis’ Exemplary Journeys

A number of recent retrospective evaluations of Pope Francis and his first year as the leader of the Catholic Church have attempted to discern what the influences of his personality and style of leadership could be. Several observers have suggested that as a Jesuit, Francis inherently reflects that tradition. But[Read More…]

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‘Utraque Unum’ Posters Justified

To the Editor: This Friday, The Hoya published an editorial titled “’Ultraque Unum’ Mistranslated” [A2, Mar. 21, 2014] The piece, which treats Thomas Lloyd and Giuliana Cucci’s drag depiction of prominent Catholics and university administrators, offers support for Lloyd and Cucci’s message, but gives no endorsement to their tactics. Instead,[Read More…]

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The project features altered images of figures, such as University President John J. DeGioia, top, and LGBTQ Resource Director Shiva Subbaraman.

Project Explores Gender Identity

A student-orchestrated project has attracted attention to issues of gender identity and expression, eliciting mixed reactions to the depiction of prominent figures in drag. Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15) and Giuliana Cucci (COL ’14) — a stage name — conceived the project during spring break while brainstorming marketing promotions for the[Read More…]

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‘Utraque Unum’ Mistranslated

In recent years, Red Square has become the focal point of student free speech. From this month’s XL Dissent protests against the Keystone pipeline to the constant presence of unrecognized student groups like H*yas for Choice, individuals have come to Red Square to demonstrate their support for clear and open[Read More…]

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Pope Francis’ Influence Reaches Georgetown

Pope Francis’ Influence Reaches Georgetown

Already nicknamed “Francis the Frugal” by international media in the 11 months since his elevation to the papacy, Pope Francis has influenced global political thinking and prompted interfaith conversation within the Georgetown community. Born Jorge Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1936, Francis became the first South American as well[Read More…]

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