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Concert Review: Lorde at The Anthem

Despite surging in popularity since 2014, Lorde graced an intimate venue, The Anthem, for her return to Washington, D.C., on Sunday, April 8, creating an environment that blended familiarity and grandeur. The open floor of The Anthem meant that fans lined up hours before the show to get as close[Read More…]


Album Review: ‘Mania’

★★★☆☆ When exploring new musical styles, Fall Out Boy’s seventh studio album “Mania” often falters and is strongest when the group sticks to the sound that made it popular. The project is a continuation of the group’s move from the realm of punk to the realm of pop, but this[Read More…]

ABRAMS: Moving from Pop to Hip-Hop

One was a 13-year-old Canadian YouTube star with pop stardom in his future. Another was a teen heartthrob in U.K. band One Direction, touring the world with hit love songs like “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.” A third was the youngest member of Disney Channel’s own Jonas Brothers band. In[Read More…]

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A Bold Beat Forward

A Bold Beat Forward

On Jan. 6, 2016, Nicki Minaj won Favorite Hip-Hop Artist at the People’s Choice Awards. On Jan. 7, while double-tapping the picture she posted on Instagram to announce that win, I saw a poorly-worded comment that offended my sensibilities as both a feminist and as someone who likes comprehensible sentences.[Read More…]

Taylor Swift’s new album “1989” has completely departed from her country origins, showcasing instead her talent as a successful pop singer.

Album Review: ‘1989’

★★★★☆ Taylor Swift wants you to know that she’s not selling out. While her fifth studio album may be a stark departure from her days as country music’s sweetheart, “1989” is less about appealing to the popularity of pop music and more about showing that this new style represents a[Read More…]

The Deeper Meaning of Bubblegum Pop

No matter how old you are or where you come from, everyone should be able to see the value in pop music. I’m kind of joking, but there’s definitely a place for cheesy pop music in everyone’s life, and some of my favorite artists and songs have been mindless, radio-ready[Read More…]

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