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CARLO RATTI ASSOCIATION Italian Architect Carlo Ratti said at  an event that urban spaces will adapt to the ways technology changes human behavior.

Technology Reshapes Urban Spaces, Architect Says

Technology that reduces energy consumption and informs consumers about sustainable products should be used to make improvements to urban infrastructure, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of urban planning Carlo Ratti said at an event Nov. 30. Cities cover 2 percent of Earth’s surface but contain over 50 percent of the[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: For Sustainability, Pledge Plastic-Free

Plastic pollution is a major threat to the world that requires immediate and substantial action. Georgetown University must lead by example by encouraging reduced consumption of single-use plastics. Student organizations should go plastic-free, marking a commitment to shift Georgetown toward a more eco-friendly campus culture. All Georgetown student organizations, clubs[Read More…]

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A promotional poster for the student startup Fiber Filters, which seeks to keep microplastics out of the world's oceans.

Georgetown Student Startup Addresses Microplastic Pollution

Student-run startup Fiber Filter is promoting its new fiber-catching laundry bag prototype in a promotional video that aims to pressure washing machine companies to take social responsibility for microplastic pollution. Fiber Filter startup founders Lola Bushnell (COL ’18), Carter Cortazzi (COL ’19), and Jaime Farrell (COL ’19) released the video[Read More…]

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Rachael Miller, co-founder of the environmental group, the Rozalia Project, debuted her new 
patent on Saturday — a filter ball that removes harmful micro-fibers from washing machines.

Experts Discuss Ocean Health Risks

The Georgetown University Sustainable Oceans Alliance, a student-led environmental advocacy group founded at the university in 2014, hosted its second annual summit in the McDonough School of Business’ Lohrfink Auditorium on Saturday. The summit focused on spearheading ocean sustainability and solutions for solving problems such as ocean acidification, marine health[Read More…]

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KHAN: Consider Dangers of Divestment

KHAN: Consider Dangers of Divestment

Georgetown’s board of directors decided to end the university’s direct investment of endowment monies in coal this summer. Over the past few months, Georgetown University Fossil Free has committed itself to divesting the rest of our endowment from fossil fuels. Employing charged rhetoric and exaggerated cautionary tales, it claims in[Read More…]

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Protecting our Potomac

Every morning, I — like so many other Georgetown students — gaze upon the Potomac River. Its beauty never ceases to amaze me. It is impossible not to look upon its great waters and not feel a sense of peace. This is why it never ceases to sadden me when[Read More…]

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