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Coffee Party Finds Middle Grounds

The Tea Party protests last week remind us that while incivility and fiery rhetoric make great headlines, they serve as a meager path to progress. The fringe element of the Tea Party undermines the movement’s message and alienates many Americans, including those who share concerns about increased taxes and spending.[Read More…]

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Renewed Immigration Debate Hits Home at GU

The narratives may vary, but members of the Georgetown community from immigrant backgrounds have all found notes of uncertainty and unexpected limitations in their American experience. “Despite your legal status you continue to be an alien in someone else’s land, and unfortunately few differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants. Your[Read More…]

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Women in Politics: A Rising Tide

Women in Politics: A Rising Tide

“[These] three dynamic, very educated women became known as the witch, the ditz and the media darling,” an adviser during President George W. Bush’s administration said on Monday of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 2008 Republican Vice President Nominee Sarah Palin and first lady Michelle Obama, respectively. In a[Read More…]

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GU Republicans Leader Sees Bright Future for Party

*One week ago, a little-known state legislator from Massachusetts may have shattered conventional wisdom in American politics. Coming from behind to grasp the U.S. Senate seat of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), Scott Brown, junior senator-elect, has energized the Republican Party and served as a wake-up call to Democrats[Read More…]

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Liberal Politics Blur the Line Between Right and Privilege

The concept of rights once commanded respect as a central tenet of our constitutional republic. No longer. Liberals, consistent with their tendency to attack every institution of the American tradition, fail even here to pay any tribute to this time-honored bulwark of liberty. Rather than as fundamental staples which rise[Read More…]

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