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Eisenberg: Pushing Back Against Policy

It’s spring again at Georgetown. The arrival of warmer weather heralds Georgetown Day, the gradual closing of my sinuses and swarm after swarm of shell-shocked high school seniors clogging up campus pathways (usually making me even later for class). On Tuesday, when I ran into one such group in Red[Read More…]

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Prying Open A Shut Door Policy

Transparency. It is a word that is emptily thrown around by university administrators and has been for years. Though we continually claim to be making strides toward openness at Georgetown, the results do not back up the claims. Either those in charge have a drastically different interpretation of the meaning[Read More…]

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Employment, Economy Addressed in Lecture

On Tuesday Robert Kimmitt, former deputy secretary of the Department of the Treasury under President Bush, discussed the general employment trends as well as the global economic environment in a lecture in the Rafik B. Hariri building. At the lecture, “Operating at the Intersection of Business, Finance and Government,” which[Read More…]

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Student Panel Reflects on Climate Talks

Among the tens of thousands of people gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark, last December were five members of the Georgetown community four students and a professor who reconvened on Wednesday in the Mortara Center for International Studies to share what they had gained from their experience at the largest climate conference[Read More…]

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