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RAAB: Nats Bear DC’s Playoff Hopes

RAAB: Nats Bear DC’s Playoff Hopes

As a city with many high-quality sports teams, Washington, D.C., is synonymous with regular season success followed by an early postseason exit. Having not won a major sports championship since 1991, the city has experienced heartbreak for the last 25 years. Winning the NL East for the third time in[Read More…]

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IPPOLITO: Andrew Luck’s Career Comes Under Scrutiny

IPPOLITO: Andrew Luck’s Career Comes Under Scrutiny

No player in the National Football League wants to be considered a bust. No fan wants to acknowledge that the player once thought to be the future of the franchise is now just another player condemning the team to additional years of mediocrity. No team wants to draft a player[Read More…]

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AUERBACH: Bell’s Possible Suspension Raises Questions for Steelers

AUERBACH: Bell’s Possible Suspension Raises Questions for Steelers

Despite the team’s misfortune in recent years with injuries and suspensions, the Pittsburgh Steelers remain one of the most dominant offensive teams in the NFL. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has delivered some stellar performances these past few seasons, especially considering that he was plagued by several injuries in the Steelers’ 2015-16[Read More…]

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LITKE: Season End Disappoints Nationals

The Washington Nationals entered this year’s postseason boasting a National League best of 96 wins. Winning eight of their last 10 games, the Nationals were poised for a strong postseason and World Series contention. However, it took just four games and a wild pitch to unravel the dreams of a[Read More…]

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IPPOLITO: Royals and O’s Prove That They Belong

For Washington, Anaheim, Kansas City and San Francisco, the first week of the 2014 Major League Baseball postseason has been heart-stopping and confounding for many different reasons. Kansas City — a franchise that has struggled for the past 29 years to reach the postseason — has advanced to the American[Read More…]

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NCAA Football Needs Its Own March Madness

Football is highest on the perch when it comes to money and popularity in college athletics. But when it comes to crowning a champion, football has always fallen far below its competitors, namely basketball. March Madness is the perfect blend of youthful optimism and big-time entertainment. It dominates the airwaves[Read More…]

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Playoff Expansion Would Come at a Price

You wouldn’t know it from looking out the window, but warmer weather, along with the sports that accompany it, is on the way. Major League Baseball is ramping up spring training, and the NFL is getting set to host major meetings soon. Those meetings could have a significant impact on[Read More…]

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Playoffs an Insufficient Answer for College Football

For years, the powers that be and fans alike have searched for a better system to determine college football’s champion. With the Bowl Championship Series imminently being replaced with playoffs — likely a four- or eight-team system — it is easy to point out all the flaws that are being[Read More…]

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Carmelo’s Legacy on Line in Playoffs

This past Saturday, Game 1 of the opening round series between the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics was winding down and the situation was clear: Up only five with a little less than a minute to go, the Knicks needed one more bucket to seal the game. Stuck[Read More…]

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Despite Playoff Popularity, Problems Loom for NHL

Last month, my column (“Injuries Threaten Hockey’s Future,” A9, March 27, 2012) focused on the concussion epidemic in the National Hockey League. Unfortunately, things have gotten worse since then. The 2012 NHL playoffs have absolutely lived up to the hype generated by pitting the cup-favorite Pittsburgh Penguins against their in-state[Read More…]

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