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CARLSON: Examining What Is and What Ought to Be

CARLSON: Examining What Is and What Ought to Be

Recently, there seems to be a glorification of science, mathematics, engineering and technology fields in academic circles. From federal funding for engineering programs to Nate Silver’s new website driven by statistical analysis, intellectuals around the United States are smitten with the idea that numbers, calculations and tests deserve our intense[Read More…]

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Philosophers Differ in Defining Moral Certainty

Philosophers Differ in Defining Moral Certainty

Associate professor of theology Terrence Reynolds discussed the ambiguity of moral certainty in a world of diverse perceptions for the 40th anniversary lecture of the Liberal Studies Program in the Faculty Club on Friday evening. Reynolds highlighted the difference in conclusions reached by profound thinkers, such as Aristotle, Immanuel Kant[Read More…]

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Ethics Class Website Finds Niche Audience

In his spare time, philosophy professor Madison Powers made a website at the end of last year to supplement his teaching on environmental justice. While many such sites might include an assortment of external links and excerpts, Powers’ product offers more than 200,000 original words – the equivalent of about[Read More…]

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Get a Daily Dose of Philosophy This ‘Flu Season’

Opening this Wednesday, March 28 in Walsh Black Box Theater, “The Flu Season” proves to be a delightfully perplexing fusion of meta-theater and love story. The play is narrated by a Prologue and an Epilogue played by Amelia Powell (COL ’12 ) and Allie Villarreal (COL ’12), respectively, who provide insight into the events[Read More…]

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