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Lamenting a Big East Destroyed by Greed

It started 34 years ago, founded on the promise of basketball. Tough, skilled, in-your-face, must-see basketball. It ended this past week. With a whimper, with a sigh, with a murmur and a soft fade, it left us in the least fitting way possible. Louisville took down Syracuse 78-61 in the[Read More…]

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All-Star Game Another Snoozer

Gerald Green brought the house down. Green’s inaugural dunk in the 2013 Slam Dunk Contest was no ordinary lift-off. The off-the-side-of-the-backboard, double-clutch, reverse dunk from the Indiana Pacers small forward electrified the crowd gathered in Houston for the NBA All- Star Weekend. It brought the group of friends I was[Read More…]

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College Football Not What It Used to Be

Oh, college football, how I miss you. Yes, I realize the best amateur football players in the nation suited up for yet another season this year. This time, though, it just wasn’t the same. It lacked buzz. The ever-fraudulent national championship game matched up the college football equivalents of the[Read More…]

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