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The Perks of Unexpected Opportunities

At heart, I am a quintessential film addict. I’ll watch every film, any film and if it makes it to my favorite list, I’ll re-watch it over and over again. As much as I’m passionate about them, it had never occurred to me that working in the film industry could[Read More…]

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Through Travel, Finding a New Perspective

The best part of summer is that you can have extensive travel plans and experience two entirely different worlds within three months. After spending four weeks in Zanzibar, Tanzania, as a volunteer and teacher, I flew directly to London, where I will work for the rest of the summer. Living[Read More…]

The Search for Simplicity

I’ve never been able to like a place without hating it at the same time. This is how I have felt about Georgetown and how I came to feel about Zanzibar, Tanzania, where I spent four weeks teaching and living in a local village at the start of summer. Summers[Read More…]

The Perks of Going Home

As the summer began and I finally left Georgetown, I encountered a strange dread to return to what should be the most familiar place on Earth — home. After spending a long period of time so far away, the most familiar could also be the strangest, as my boarding school[Read More…]

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Struggling to Take a Break

As we sat in our cubicles in Lau during finals, flipping through the readings we never read over the semester, we may have regretted the time wasted scrolling down Facebook and wished we had been more productive. We may have wished we had gone to every lecture, met with our[Read More…]

The Strange Difficulties of Finally Going Home

Picnics on the lawn, people in sunglasses and shorts — it looks like, at last, summer is upon us. Summer is inseparably associated with long breaks as well as a series of questions like: What are you doing? What is your plan? Where will you be? As we entered the[Read More…]

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