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TESTING TRUISMS: Can You Work Hard and Play Hard?

TESTING TRUISMS: Can You Work Hard and Play Hard?

Alongside students at other elite institutions such as Columbia University and Washington University in St. Louis, Georgetown students are reputed to have “work hard, play hard” lifestyles. In 2018, Georgetown was ranked No. 20 on U.S. News and World Report’s 2018 Best National Universities. It was also dubbed the No.[Read More…]

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Brown House: An Institution of Student Life

Brown House: An Institution of Student Life

As of fall 2016, 3616 N St. NW will no longer be used for undergraduate student housing. Instead, Brown House is slated to be repurposed for Office of the Provost “strategic needs,” the purpose of which is unknown to students. Despite student activists regularly engaging with knowledgeable administrators on the[Read More…]

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Politics Are Nasty, But This Is Too Far

A few weeks ago, the Institute of Politics and Public Service hosted a mock Iowa caucus event where students could go and learn how caucusing works while advocating for their favorite presidential candidates. After hearing experts from both sides of the political aisle explain the process, the room was divided[Read More…]

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Working for a Greener University Party

The average student does not associate a red Solo cup with much more than drinking. The year’s first ever Georgetown Day cup seeks to change that. It’s time to make recycling fun. The Georgetown University Student Association senate has partnered with Students of Georgetown, Inc., and Georgetown Day Planning Committee[Read More…]

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Concert Bursts With Color

Concert Bursts With Color

Paint flying, people dancing, music blaring — this is the typical scene at Life in Color, or as some might call it, the “World’s Largest Paint Party.” Life in Color mixes electronic dance music with large blasts of neon paint and features a variety of popular DJs. Past events have[Read More…]

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From Tourist to Native in Rio

I’ve reached the point where I’ve stopped speaking English in grocery stores. I realized early on that eating lunch at restaurants every day was not going to work out, so now every other day I stop at the mercado for a small supply of fresh sandwich rolls. However, two times[Read More…]

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X Doesn’t Quite Mark the Spot for Comedy

X Doesn’t Quite Mark the Spot for Comedy

Film producer Todd Phillips took on the college frat boy scene in Old School, and graduated to grown men who act like children in The Hangover franchise. So, it seemed about time for him to tackle new comedic territory and regress to the high school years that everyone remembers so fondly. And[Read More…]

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Fight for Your Right

On any given Friday, I can go out and hear some Chris Brown, Kanye, Ke$ha or Gaga. When I do, I’m guaranteed to freak out, say each song is my favorite and proceed to scream along as loud as I can, ruining the music for all within earshot. So, what’s the problem?[Read More…]

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Playing Hard

Playing Hard

If you’re like the hundreds and thousands of freshmen that came before you, you’re probably wondering what the deal is with drinking at Georgetown. Does everyone do it? Is it allowed? How can I get a keg into my room in New South? We’ve all been there. While few freshmen[Read More…]

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