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FILE PHOTO: MOIRA RITTER FOR THE HOYA | Five Georgetown parents and a former GU tennis coach were implicated in a Tuesday indictment for falsely designating applicants as athletic recruits to secure admission.

Georgetown Parents, Former Coach Face Bribery Charges

A former Georgetown tennis coach was charged with accepting bribes from parents to secure their children’s college admission in an indictment involving eight U.S. universities Tuesday. Gordon Ernst falsely designated at least 12 applicants, including those who did not play tennis competitively, as recruits for the Georgetown tennis team, according[Read More…]

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LOWE & SHAH: A Loss That Gives Life Its Meaning

LOWE & SHAH: A Loss That Gives Life Its Meaning

I was not always an only child. For a week of my life, in the early days of January 1996, I had a brother. His name was Matthew Joseph Lowe. He passed away peacefully in my house, but has remained in my life ever since. Winter holidays have maintained a[Read More…]

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MCLAUGHLIN: Lynch Latest Parent to Draw Headlines

MCLAUGHLIN: Lynch Latest Parent to Draw Headlines

The NFL’s most muted star, Marshawn Lynch, may not be willing to say anything to reporters, but his mother has shown she most certainly is. This past week, in a social media tirade reminiscent of Amanda Bynes’ infamous meltdown, Lynch’s mother, Delisa Lynch, demanded that Seahawks’ offensive playcaller Darrell Bevell[Read More…]

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No. 5 — Cycles

June 10, 2012, 4:28 p.m. I’m sorry for giving you such a burden, but take this as a part of growing bigger and stronger. You are grown, but you have a lot more growing up to do. You worked very hard to get where you are. But now you have[Read More…]

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‘I Have Midterms, Mom’

For freshmen and sophomores, Georgetown’s Parent & Family Weekend, more colloquially known as Parents’ Weekend, is an eagerly anticipated fall event. But along with the joy at seeing family members comes the unavoidable, even if welcome, commitment of days that might normally be spent studying filled to D.C. sightseeing and[Read More…]

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Stay-At-Home Shame

Stay-At-Home Shame

Donna Reed is dead. Her pearls and aprons haven’t graced America’s screens for decades. And what’s more, her character’s lifestyle is more or less dead, too. Women have been free to expand beyond the sphere of domesticity for a couple of generations now. The hoop-skirted, perfectly made-up, coiffed housewife waiting[Read More…]

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1,382 Degrees of Gratitude

On Saturday, the 1,382 members of Georgetown’s Class of 2014 will undoubtedly share feelings of joy and accomplishment as they walk across the graduation stage. From the moment that these graduates began filling out their applications to Georgetown more than four years ago to the last words of their senior[Read More…]

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Drawing a Virtual Boundary

The world today is weird. We have taken our desire to share, to relate to others and to form relationships toward entirely unfathomable levels. It started with our generation — the so-called “millennials.” According to certain think pieces, it is our generation’s specific tendencies toward narcissism, materialism, apathy and laziness[Read More…]

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Bring-Your-Parents to Class

Many parents arrive at the Hilltop in mid-October to spend time with their children, enjoy Georgetown in the autumn and take advantage of university-held programs. Often paying a heavy sum of money in travel and lodging expenses, these Parents’ Weekend participants come not only for enjoyment but also to appraise[Read More…]

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Little League Needs Adults to Change

You could say I have a strong – slightly unhealthy – obsession with baseball. I’ve been to more than 100 Major League Baseball games at 37 different ballparks. I meticulously keep score of every game I attend. Carly Simon’s rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is on my[Read More…]

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