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Finding Flexibility in Dining

Through efforts spearheaded by the university and the Georgetown University Student Association, students’ meal exchange swipes and Flex Dollars have expanded to more locations on campus beginning this year. Instead of having students bottleneck at O’Donovan Hall during rush hours, students can now use their meal swipes at a variety[Read More…]

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NGUYEN: Support Women’s Decisions

NGUYEN: Support Women’s Decisions

I am a man, one who is weighing in on the issue of a woman’s right to her own body. Preposterous? Yes. Invalid? I don’t think so. My lack of understanding as a man is all the more reason why I understand. Here’s the thing: I will not undergo nine[Read More…]

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Less Gluten, More Options

O’Donovan Hall is a favorite target of criticism for almost all students. Many lament its limited options and general lack of nutritious options, but this criticism is especially relevant for those with specific allergies and dietary restrictions. Although it is obviously difficult to prepare large quantities of food — allergy-free[Read More…]

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