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M Street’s newest organic foods store hopes to transform the way people see nutrition by offering accessible and healthy alternative options.

Organic Food Store Aims to Inspire Healthy Diets

“Whole Foods meets McDonald’s”— that’s how Denise Hicks, the founder of the organic foods store Postmodern Foods, described her latest storefront. Located at 2920 M St. NW, the store is just over a month old, yet its young founder and CEO has a strong vision for the identity and mission[Read More…]

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The Unexpected Joy of Cooking

The Unexpected Joy of Cooking

Washington, D.C. is a heaven of sorts for foodies such as myself. The streets are lined with a myriad of restaurants, with many healthy and diverse options. I was blown away by the salad shops, juice bars and vegan bakeries when I first came to Georgetown — it could not[Read More…]

Time for Food, Time for You

Time for Food, Time for You

To an anthropologist, I think one defining trait would stick out among Georgetown’s student body, and it wouldn’t even be a newsworthy discovery: we’re busy people. Busyness is a trait inherent to Georgetown culture, and it’s not something likely to change. We’ll give up an hour or two of sleep[Read More…]

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Tricks For a College Diet

“How do I stay healthy on a college campus?” This question, along with many others, is common among students transitioning from home to college, especially in their first year. For the first time, students are fully in charge of their diet and can often be overwhelmed with the abundance of[Read More…]

Fighting Against Duplicitous Food Marketing

Each fall, incoming college freshmen start their undergraduate careers with a considerable amount of independence. For the first time, many of these seventeen- and eighteen-year-olds are forced to make their own decisions regarding classes, friends and meals. While it may become easier to adopt a routine surrounding classes and social[Read More…]

Leo’s Weekend Slump Weighs Students Down Physically and Financially

As a result of Georgetown’s laudable effort to correct the notorious American eating problem, health-conscious students can choose from an eclectic spread of romaine, arugula, tomatoes and cucumbers (otherwise known as a salad) at O’Donovan Hall on weekdays.Yet as if to counter the prodigious sums of money that must be[Read More…]

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