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VIEWPOINT: Construction Keeps Darnall Students Awake. We Deserve Support

Like clockwork, every Monday through Saturday at 7 a.m., I am woken up by the deafening sounds of drills, trucks and bulldozers from the MedStar construction project happening right outside my second-floor window in Darnall Hall — and those are the lucky days. Several times throughout the semester, the construction[Read More…]

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Representatives of Georgetown University and Washington, D.C. neighbors presented oral arguments to the D.C. Circuit Court in a lawsuit over noisy flight patters out of Reagan National Airport.

University, Neighbors Deliver Oral Arguments in Aircraft Noise Lawsuit

Members of the D.C. Fair Skies Coalition, including Georgetown community members, argued at the D.C. Circuit Court on Thursday against flight routes out of Reagan National Airport that have led to increased noise over the Georgetown neighborhood. The oral argument marks the most recent development in a lawsuit filed by[Read More…]

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Dear Dr. Olson

With Georgetown Day quickly approaching, Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson sent an email to the student body pairing gentle rhetoric with a familiar message: “We acknowledge that Georgetown students do not cause all the disruption and noise in the community,” Olson wrote. “In the interest of bettering our[Read More…]

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MPD: Noise May Lead to Arrests

MPD: Noise May Lead to Arrests

An amendment to D.C. law went into effect Tuesday, placing harsher restrictions on disruptive noise and marking a major shift in the Metropolitan Police Department’s ability to crack down on gatherings such as student parties. The Disorderly Conduct Amendment Act of 2010 states that making unreasonably loud noise between the[Read More…]

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A Safer Night on the Town

Late night out? No problem. The university’s M Street night shuttle and SafeRides transportation program now does much more to protect student safety while reducing noise levels — a win-win situation for the entire Georgetown community. There have long been complaints that some students used SafeRides as a free ride to bars in Georgetown,[Read More…]

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Noise Law Perpetuates Neighborhood Animosity

With the recent implementation of the Disorderly Conduct Amendment Act of 2010 in Washington, D.C., the ongoing squabble between Georgetown residents and students has seemingly reached a boiling point. From suggestions for further on-campus housing to past efforts to limit the number of non-relatives per household, the neighborhood community has[Read More…]

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Vague Noise Law Spells Doom For Students’ Rights

On Feb. 2, Georgetown students received an email from Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson about a change to D.C. law. The Disorderly Conduct Amendment Act of 2010, quoted in the email, reads: “It is unlawful for a person to make an unreasonable loud noise between 10 p.m. and[Read More…]

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Third Edition Limits Exit Options After Noise Complaints

Third Edition Limits Exit Options After Noise Complaints

Visitors to late-night haunt Third Edition will only pass through the establishment’s front door from now on, after noise complaints forced owners to adjust their contract with the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E. The new entry rules mark a change from past practice, when patrons could pass through the alley leading[Read More…]

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Silence and the Soul

I’m noticing the airplanes again. For new students on campus, one of the ways that you know you have finally made the Hilltop your home is when you stop noticing the jets flying overhead. There came a point during my freshman year here when that happened, and again when I[Read More…]

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