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The Woes of Summer Serving

If you have ever desired to feel invisible — to pass through the world without drawing attention from anyone — then take it from me: The best job you can get is working as a server for a high-end catering company. This summer job is the closest I have ever[Read More…]

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Awesome Con: Nerds Strike Back

Awesome Con: Nerds Strike Back

Building any event from the ground up is no easy task, and for Ben Penrod, the man behind Awesome Con D.C., conceptualizing and planning Washington, D.C.’s first ever pop culture and comics convention has been a labor of local love. “This is the area I’m from,” Penrod said. “I know that there are[Read More…]

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A Study in Failure: My Summer Foray into French

This summer, I did a lot of things. I worked as a hostess at a local chain restaurant, I interned at a local political campaign, I spent some quality family time in scenic Moose Junction, Wyo., and I discovered the single greatest television show to ever air on basic cable: “Storage[Read More…]

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Because French Fries Are Better Than Pommes Frites

One thing I’ve noticed since migrating to the Hilltop is how many of my classmates have travelledinternationally. Without including the international students themselves — who would skew these conclusions even more — it seems almost everyone I meet and talk to has had at least some experience travelling, studying or even living[Read More…]

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