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Pro Bowl Needs Fresh Ideas To Recapture Public Interest

One of my biggest disappointments as a sports fan came during the 2010 NFL Pro Bowl played in Miami. At first, I was ecstatic to see the best NFL players compete from free seats a mere nine rows up from the field. Two years later, the only memorable events are[Read More…]

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Fans at Mercy of Owners’ Greed

There’s no question that there are major flaws in the world of American professional sports, especially when it comes to ownership. From Peter Angelos of the Baltimore Orioles to Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, there are numerous examples of teams that have organizational chaos as a result of their[Read More…]

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MLB Losing Ground to NFL on Salary Cap, Playoff Structure

Baseball is losing its luster. The NFL has now become the sport that most Americans prefer to watch, a fact that was on full display this past Sunday as 111 million people put their lives on hold to watch the Steelers and Packers clash in the Super Bowl. So what[Read More…]

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Wins the Biggest Factor When Pros Try to Repair Reputations

Over Christmas break, a friend from Pittsburgh witnessed a bizarre scene. One day, some guy walks into a restaurant. He sits down and orders some food. When he’s done eating, he ignores the check on the table and starts walking towards the door. When the waitress asks him to stop[Read More…]

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Upstart Chiefs Rise on Backs of Pioli, Haley

Not many professional football teams can go from 2-14 to division champions in two years. But from 2008 to the 2010 NFL season, the Kansas City Chiefs did just that, crawling out of the basement of the AFC West to earn a trip to the playoffs. Although their playoff hopes[Read More…]

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NFL Crackdown Could Change Game

Regularly, we hear complaints about various sports. Baseball games take too long. NBA players don’t play defense. There is not enough scoring in soccer or hockey to attract American fans. Fans and critics often cite these and other concerns when discussing particular sports. And when an event happens that exemplifies[Read More…]

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Culture, Not Rules, of Football Must Change to Protect Players

My beef today is with both the NFL’s executives in their handling of big hits this season and the players’ reaction to the new rules about hitting. Two weekends ago, big helmet-to-helmet hits resulted in seven players leaving games with head injuries. For years now, these hits have been glorified[Read More…]

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Fantasy Ball Ruins Reality

I’M STARTING TO ANNOY MYSELF NOW. Like a lot of people, I’m in a fantasy football league. I find myself constantly checking my team, constantly thinking about what trades I can make or what free agent pick-ups I should look into, and constantly talking about it to my roommate, who[Read More…]

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Smith Concerned With Injury Risk

As part of the Georgetown University Sports Industry Management Graduate Program’s Speaker Series, NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith addressed an audience of more than 300 at the Lohrfink Auditorium in the Rafik B. Hariri Building on Tuesday night. With students, professionals and members of several national media outlets[Read More…]

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NFL Has to Consider More Than Just Money

Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL owners have proposed a plan to lengthen the regular season from 16 to 18 games and shorten the preseason from four to two games. The playoff system would be left intact. If the proposal is accepted by the owners and the players association, the changes[Read More…]

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