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CHRISTOVICH | Who Should Giants Fans Root for in the Super Bowl?

CHRISTOVICH | Who Should Giants Fans Root for in the Super Bowl?

NFL fans: It is time to choose a side. Hopping on the Super Bowl team bandwagon is a bittersweet process. NFL fans of all the teams who inevitably did not make the Super Bowl must carefully choose which of the two Super Bowl teams’ bandwagons to join. Sometimes, the choice[Read More…]

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CHRISTOVICH: Giants’ Franchise Targets Beckham

CHRISTOVICH: Giants’ Franchise Targets Beckham

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall is the one voice of reason in this week’s mass media attack on New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. In the past four weeks, Beckham has engaged in numerous verbal confrontations with players, acquired a number of unsportsmanlike conduct/taunting penalties and assaulted a[Read More…]

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Last Decade Full of Great Super Bowls

With the stage set in the state where everything is bigger, this year’s Super Bowl has a Texas-size amount of hype attached to it. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers come into Super Bowl XLV flaunting two of the most impressive resumes in pro football. The Steelers currently[Read More…]

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NY Leaves Enduring Impression In Its Wake

Even after his team’s loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game, New York Jets’ owner Woody Johnson has good reason to be proud of Gang Green. Not only did the Jets completely shatter expectations for this season – few would have predicted a playoff berth, let alone[Read More…]

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