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Radiators in New South have been found to contain black mold, contributing to student respiratory ailments, such as bronchitis.

Black Mold Infiltrates Dorms, Causing Health Ailments

Only four days into her freshman year, Oona Nash (COL ’22) contracted bronchitis. When she went to the Student Health Center, the doctors gave her antibiotics. Nash expected to get better, but her illness got significantly worse over time. She discovered in October the culprit of her ailment: black mold.[Read More…]

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Two bias related incidents have been reported over the last two days.

Bias-Related Vandalism Targets Religious Groups

The Georgetown University Police Department and university officials are investigating graffiti of swastikas in Village C West and the removal of Muslim and Hindu flyers from chaplain-in-residence bulletin boards earlier this week as bias-related incidents. VCW resident Sarah Hirshorn (COL ’20) said she discovered one of the two swastikas scratched[Read More…]

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Water Outage Hits Campus

Students living in Village A, Village C East, Village C West, New South, Kennedy, Reynolds and McCarthy Halls will be without access to water tonight because of a planned water outage beginning at 10 p.m. and ending at 5 a.m. on Wednesday. The outage, which will stop all water flow[Read More…]

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New South Email Misleads Students

The Georgetown University Police Department will not be patrolling New South Hall during weekend nights, despite an email sent out to New South residents Tuesday afternoon that stated that officers would be posted on weekend nights in the freshman residence hall. “Since we are so fortunate, in the next weekend[Read More…]

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Hot Water Cut Off in Campus Residence Halls

On Sunday morning, the Office of Planning and Facilities Management cut off hot water from New South Hall, Village A, Copley Hall and Nevils with no warning in order to make an emergency repair. Typically, with a planned outage, the administration informs residents beforehand. In this case, the water outage[Read More…]

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Students enjoyed free food from Hilltoss and the Georgetown University Grilling Society during the Healey Family Student Center soft opening celebration Friday afternoon.

HFSC Opens to Students

The Healey Family Student Center opened to students Friday with an all-day celebration that included tours, free food and a casino night. The center, which has been in construction since last August, provides students with over 43,000 square feet of space. The building includes a great room, 12 study rooms,[Read More…]

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HFSC Opens; Pub, Hilltoss Under Construction

HFSC Opens; Pub, Hilltoss Under Construction

The Healey Family Student Center, located below the New South Residence Hall, opens today after years of planning and months of construction. The university is celebrating the inauguration with tours and free food from noon to 5 p.m. today and a casino night from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Although[Read More…]

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HFSC Forum Shows Off Furniture

Ikon.5 architects showcased possible furniture options for the Healey Family Student Center in order to gauge student opinion at an open forum in McShain Lounge on Monday evening. “The challenge of this project is how to transform New South, which is a pretty banal, very functional building, which can be[Read More…]

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GUSA Sounds Off on Noise

The Georgetown University Student Association unanimously passed a resolution Feb. 2 concerning the disruption caused by the ongoing construction of the Healey Family Student Center to New South residents. The bill, which was introduced and passed in the GUSA Senate, details how the construction is disrupting the lives of the[Read More…]

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The senior Jack the Bulldog enjoys a plush retirement, replete with languid campus strolls and audiences with adoring students.

Quiet Life of a Retired Mascot

As the puppy John B. Carroll, now known as Jack, captures the collective heart of campus, his predecessor is enjoying his twilight years in retirement — far from the madding crowd of Verizon Center. John S. Carroll, who, like all of Georgetown’s mascots, enjoyed the appellation “Jack” in his heyday,[Read More…]

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