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ASHLEY CHEN/FOR THE HOYA A series of false fire alarms sounded in Nevils on Oct. 9, Oct. 10 and Oct. 16. The alarms were triggered by an electronic circuit switch failure.

Circuit Failure Prompts False Nevils Fire Alarm

The Nevils dormitory experienced multiple false fire alarms on the nights of Oct. 9 and 10, as well as the afternoon of Oct. 16. An electronic circuit switch fail caused the false alarms, according to a joint statement made by Georgetown University Facilities Management and the Office of Residential Living[Read More…]

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University Responds to Litter Accumulation

Students have reported an accumulation of trash in the hallways, walkways and bushes of on-campus apartments such as Village A and Henle Village after the Office of Planning and Facilities Management began consolidating trash disposal services in off-campus townhouses last year. Trash in Alumni Square and Nevils Village has also[Read More…]

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Hot Water Cut Off in Campus Residence Halls

On Sunday morning, the Office of Planning and Facilities Management cut off hot water from New South Hall, Village A, Copley Hall and Nevils with no warning in order to make an emergency repair. Typically, with a planned outage, the administration informs residents beforehand. In this case, the water outage[Read More…]

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The Alumni Square RHO will be renovated to house four students.

Alumni Square RHO Shuttered In Favor of New Apartment

As the deadline to add 385 beds to campus per the 2010 Campus Plan approaches, the Office of Residential Living permanently closed the Alumni Square Residential Hall Office at the end of the spring semester to make way for a new apartment. The East Campus RHO, located in LXR Hall, previously[Read More…]

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East Campus to Get Temporary AC

After student protest when the university announced that residents of LXR Hall and Nevils would not have air conditioning until May, administrators said they would install a temporary generator-powered chiller next week. Heat has been turned off in both buildings and fans have become available to all rooms that request them. Pedestrian access through[Read More…]

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Nevils, LXR Hall to Receive Temporary Cooling

Heat has been turned off in Nevils and LXR Hall, which await the installation of a temporary generator-powered chiller by the middle of next week. Pedestrian access through the courtyard that connects Nevils, LXR Hall and Walsh, which reopened today, will be maintained while the buildings receive temporary air conditioning,[Read More…]

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A Lifetime Ago: Looking Back at LXR’s Past Residents

A Lifetime Ago: Looking Back at LXR’s Past Residents

At the break of the 20th century, the ground floor of LXR Hall wasn’t housing students; it was housing dead bodies. While today the building serves as a dormitory, its bottom floor functioned as the morgue of Georgetown University Hospital from 1898 to 1947. The hospital originally sat at the corner of[Read More…]

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Nevils Resident Finds Burglar in His Room

A Nevils resident awoke to find an unknown male in his apartment Saturday morning. According to the Department of Public Safety, the unidentified person then stole the student’s backpack after being discovered. The student reported to DPS that he woke up at around 11:00 a.m. to find the suspect in[Read More…]

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Renovating Nevils, Burning Bridges

Senior Week is a time for the university to show appreciation for its graduating class through shared celebration. This year, however, while most seniors will be indulging in their much-deserved revelry, some will be busy sifting through boxes of belongings piled high in temporary housing. Beginning May 14, Georgetown will[Read More…]

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Nevils Set for Summer Revamp

Nevils Set for Summer Revamp

The Office of Student Housing announced in an email Monday night that a summer-long revamp of the Nevils apartment complex will start this May. “Improvements will include new heating and cooling systems, lighting and windows; complete renovations to bathrooms and kitchens; and updates to the fire alarm system,” Patrick Killilee,[Read More…]

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