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Netflix Picks

Despite telling ourselves that we will be incredibly active and productive this summer, it is inevitable that most of us will spend many hours on our favorite site, Netflix. But, with so many TV shows and movies to choose from, many of which can be pretty disappointing, it’s hard to[Read More…]

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Spacey, Klain Talk Ethics

Actor Kevin Spacey and Ron Klain (CAS ’83), former chief of staff to Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, roused a packed Gaston Hall on Monday evening in a discussion about ethics in politics. Most of the event, in which Klain, currently an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University[Read More…]

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Orange Is the New Black’ Breaks the Mold

Orange Is the New Black’ Breaks the Mold

If Netflix is best at anything, it’s doing what you least expect. First, it released “House of Cards,” a political thriller so addicting that it garnered a troupe of fans without ever airing on cable. But then, when “Arrested Development”devotees blue themselves in anticipation over the fourth season, most were[Read More…]

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Calling on Nostalgia Lacks Originality

At the guide, our staff is known for having strong opinions about pretty much everything. We’re taking stands on the pop culture issues that really matter, from tween stars to the movies that make us smile, and from catchy pop songs to the stories that dominate the Internet. We love[Read More…]

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MONOD: New Age of Cyber Politics

MONOD: New Age of Cyber Politics

The clock reads 1 a.m. I am sitting at my desk, blearily bathed in the glow of my MacBook. I am not studying for a test, nor am I trying to finish a paper; I am instead binging on Netflix’s new series “House of Cards.” Based off of a BBC[Read More…]

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Netflix Show Captures Political Drama

Netflix Show Captures Political Drama

4/5 stars Netflix has done it again. First, it contributed to Blockbuster’s bankruptcy with on-demand DVDs and online streaming. Now, Netflix is gunning for network and cable television with its first original series, “House of Cards.” The online structure frees Netflix from the formatting and content constraints of regular television.[Read More…]

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Television Favorites from Across the Pond

Television Favorites from Across the Pond

A new disease has taken over the American television-viewing public: Anglophilia. This obsession with anything and everything British has partially been spawned by the increased accessibility of programs through internet platforms like Hulu and Netflix. Many of the names may be familiar — American television producers have tried many times to adapt[Read More…]

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Swapping Out the Textbooks for Netflix

Swapping Out the Textbooks for Netflix

Now that midterm season is behind us, it’s time to return to what’s really important: watching television shows on Netflix. Lucky for you, the temperature is dropping, giving you even less of an incentive to close your laptop and go outside. Now, you can maximize the amount of time you[Read More…]

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Students Stick With Netflix Through Pricing Overhaul

Despite their dropping stock prices, customer dissatisfaction and projected losses, Netflix — the video rental and streaming website popular among college students — is exactly where it wants to be, according to company executives. “Our long-term streaming opportunity is as compelling as ever, and we are moving forward as quickly[Read More…]

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