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Teenage Comedy Loses Spirit in Netflix’s ‘Sabrina’

Teenage Comedy Loses Spirit in Netflix’s ‘Sabrina’

The original ABC series “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” first aired in 1996 and continued until 2003. Although it’s been 16 years since the show ended, the sitcom still holds a nostalgic, soft spot in the hearts of American television viewers. Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” attempts to redefine the original[Read More…]

BOARDWALK PICTURES | Chef Sean Brock makes up only one of the diverse voices featured in the latest season of the Netflix food documentary "Chef's Table."

‘Chef’s Table’ Season 6 Brings Together Diverse Culinary Voices

In the newest installment of Netflix’s food documentary, “Chef’s Table,” Director David Gelb showcases four dynamic chefs who celebrate the traditional food they grew up with while pushing the boundaries of what those dishes mean in the modern culinary world. With its vibrant and raw cinematography, mouthwatering close-ups and inspirational[Read More…]

NETFLIX AND NO CHILL: Binge-Worthy ‘Bodyguard’ Compellingly Depicts Romance and Trauma

NETFLIX AND NO CHILL: Binge-Worthy ‘Bodyguard’ Compellingly Depicts Romance and Trauma

“Bodyguard,” a gripping British series, bakes drama into intense action scenes and a scandalous romance, authentically portraying the realities of a taboo relationship. However, the viewer must endure the occasional cliche as many of the subplots seem to have predictable journeys. The bingeable six-episode hit series was initially introduced to[Read More…]

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6 TV Shows for Summer Binge-Watching

‘Luke Cage,’ Season 2 The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Harlem hero is back for a second season after a stellar first season as Netflix’s most recent Marvel series. While season one featured a Luke Cage who sometimes shied away from using his powers and defending his community, season two will see[Read More…]

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Netflix Series ‘Ugly Delicious’ Provides a New Perspective on the Culinary World

Breaking away from the monotonous “food porn” Instagram accounts and features on high-class chefs that have dominated food dialogue in the past five years, “Ugly Delicious” is a refreshing documentary series that, instead of focusing on taste, details the stories behind how food is made and who creates it. David[Read More…]

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2017’s Top Political Television Episodes

2017’s Top Political Television Episodes

‘Master of None’ — ‘Thanksgiving’ “Thanksgiving,” an episode from Netflix’s critically acclaimed second season of “Master of None,” was written by starring actress Lena Waithe and was based on the story of coming out to her own mom, played in the show by seasoned actress Angela Bassett. Directed by Melina[Read More…]


Television Review: ‘Stranger Things’

★★★★☆ Since the release of its first season in the summer of 2016, Netflix’s “Stranger Things” has received immense praise, winning five Emmy awards. In creating the show, filmmakers Matt and Ross Duffer, professionally known as the Duffer Brothers, wanted to pay homage to the pop culture of the 1980s;[Read More…]

Television Review: ‘Master of None’

Television Review: ‘Master of None’

★★★★★ From its opening title sequence to its closing shot, Netflix comedy “Master of None” delivers a strong, nuanced and poignant second season that not only builds upon but exceeds what made the first so successful. Despite an occasional misstep or two, creators Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang deliver a[Read More…]

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TV Shows To Catch This Summer

‘Master of None’ When “Master of None” premiered on Netflix in 2015, viewers of the show were instantly captivated by its stunning authenticity and witty humor, lauding comedian Aziz Ansari for writing such a thoughtful and culturally relevant script. The show addresses the personal issues faced by its main character,[Read More…]

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Dr. Charles Geschickter

Stranger Georgetown: Declassified

In just over one month since its debut, the Netflix original series “Stranger Things” has received critical acclaim, captivated viewers and become an ever-trending topic on social media with its depiction of the fallout from a government experiments with mind control during the Cold War. The tribulations of the superpower-wielding[Read More…]

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