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Adams Morgan: Historic Counterculture Persists in Quirky Quarter

Adams Morgan: Historic Counterculture Persists in Quirky Quarter

As one of Washington, D.C.’s premier late-night neighborhoods, Adams Morgan features myriad live music options, all-night diners and bars. Though the area is notorious for its nightlife, Adams Morgan is more than a mere late-night hotspot. Featuring a rich cultural and historical background, Adams Morgan exudes a vibrant energy reflected[Read More…]

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Architectural Ancestry: Georgetown’s Buildings Blend Old and New

Architectural Ancestry: Georgetown’s Buildings Blend Old and New

Healy Hall and Lauinger Library, visible from both the Key Bridge and the front gates of Georgetown University, are what first come to mind when the words “Georgetown” and “architecture” are put together. It is in these buildings, after all, where students congregate to study, attend class and listen to[Read More…]

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Safety Beyond Our Gates

College is a time for students to pursue their academic, professional and personal aspirations. Questions of personal safety and security should not be at the forefront of their minds, and over the past year, numerous advancements have been made to address students’ concerns of safety and security. However, recent incidents[Read More…]

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A Loss for Students

In a secretive bait-and-switch this month, the university administration quietly took the famous Brown House — 3616 N St. NW — out of the housing lottery, assigning it for renovation and repurposing it as faculty housing in the coming year. Over 500 students have reacted strongly to this cloak-and-dagger move,[Read More…]

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Antagonism Beyond Our Front Gates

It arrived through email in February of last year. The subject line declared, “Office of Student Conduct: Notice of Off-Campus Citation.” My eyes rolled passed the complaint: “Failing to ensure trash, litter or trash bags are placed in appropriate trash receptacle(s).” I cringed and kept scrolling. “Trash Work Sanction Hours.[Read More…]

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Fight For Campus

Last April, over a third of the undergraduate student body rallied to advocate for a student voice in master planning by participating in the “Let’s Not Get Screwed Again” campaign. The movement pushed for issues regarding off-campus housing, building renovations, new construction and the need to create space for student[Read More…]

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Serve and Protect

D.C. City Council’s Judiciary Committee is currently reviewing a bill that would extend the jurisdiction of the Georgetown University Police Department to off-campus areas. At first, the bill may seem to have a small impact on students; however, if this bill were implemented, it would offer the potential for neighbors[Read More…]

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Vehicle of Erratic Policing

Vehicle of Erratic Policing

Students who live off campus have had enough. Enough of Student Neighborhood Assistance Program intervention in the smallest of social gatherings. Enough of draconian responses to open trash can lids. Enough of arbitrary punishments often compounded by so-called “tone policing.” Although part of an off-campus community, students are not held[Read More…]

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The three-year housing requirement pushed members of the Class of 2016 off-campus, left, with 100 denied eligibility. All applicants from the Class of 2017 will receive eligibility, and may choose from university townhouses, right, and apartments.

Brown House, Burleith & Back Again

Georgetown Scholarship Program student Amber Athey (COL ’16) never thought finding a place to live senior year would be so hard. Although the university considers GSP students as low-income, Athey was placed on a wait list for senior housing and told that her chances of finding an affordable on-campus residence[Read More…]

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The Plan’s In Our Hands

The 2010 Campus Plan, drafted without student input, is widely regarded as a concession to the neighborhood. From implementing the infamous three year housing requirement to creating new dorms with the promise to further clutter an already crowded campus, the 2010 plan precipitated a number of unpopular policies that radically[Read More…]

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