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Television Review: ‘Champions’

★★★★☆ Mindy Kaling’s new NBC show “Champions” packs heart, humor and pop culture references, but the sitcom falls into a pattern reminiscent of “The Mindy Project.” The show follows failed college baseball player Vince, played by Anders Holm, as he runs his deceased father’s gym in Brooklyn. In the pilot,[Read More…]


Pilot for NBC’s New High School Drama ‘Rise’ Lacks Originality

The series premiere of NBC’s new drama, “Rise,” at times resembles a gritty, dramatic reshoot of “High School Musical.” The show follows a disillusioned English teacher who takes over a small-town high school’s drama department and leads a ragtag group of students in putting on “Spring Awakening” as the fall[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: An Illusion of Bipartisanship

As audiences await journalist Megyn Kelly’s first appearance on NBC after 12 years at Fox News, ratings predictions dominate the discourse. With Kelly’s status as a ratings juggernaut at Fox, her high-profile conflict with President Donald Trump and her best-selling autobiography “Settle for More”, detailing ex-Fox News CEO Roger Ailes’[Read More…]

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Forgotten Television Season a Mixed Bag

Forgotten Television Season a Mixed Bag

May is traditionally the month where movie theaters stop showing low-budget horror movies and would-be Oscar bait and start showcasing blockbusters meant to make as much money as possible. What happens on your television screen in the summer, however, tends to be the exact opposite. The summer television season is[Read More…]

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