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MyAccess Gets Slight Makeover

The Office of the Registrar began to roll out of a number of largely visual changes to MyAccess last weekend ahead of an expected larger overhaul to the system. These changes included collapsible menus and a feature that allows students to easily browse back through previous pages. The website now[Read More…]

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Corp Launches Improved Preregistration Website

In an attempt to ease the semi-annual preregistration hassle, Students of Georgetown, Inc. launched a beta version of Classy on Tuesday. Classy is a three-step tool that aims to make the MyAccess system more student-friendly. The class list is easier to read, with course descriptions popping up on the page rather than opening a[Read More…]

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Course Evals Go Online Only

Two years after the online course evaluation system was first introduced in spring 2010, the University Registrar has completely eliminated paper evaluations this semester in addition to  posting evaluation results alongside course descriptions on MyAccess. According to Manager of Faculty Evaluations Caitlin Harding, the online evaluation system was an optional choice[Read More…]

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Preregistration in the Dark

When encountering a philosophy course during preregistration with the intriguing but uninformative title “Sex, Science and Society,” students will inevitably click “View Course Description” on MyAccess. Unfortunately, the next page doesn’t add much insight: “We have no PHIL-197 course description for the 2012-2013 academic year.” Preregistration, which begins Monday for[Read More…]

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The Price of Late Fees

Preregistration can be a stressful process. And it’s even worse when you encounter an unexpected error message because your student account has been blocked. The Office of Student Accounts is responsible for charging all tuition and housing fees, as well as overdue library fines and other small service charges on[Read More…]

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Don’t Sweat the Homework at Yates

The zero-credit courses offered at Yates Field House are some of Georgetown’s best-kept secrets. The courses, listed under leisure and recreation education on MyAccess, are introductory-level classes in areas such as strength training, ballet, yoga and sea kayaking. Rather than pay for yoga classes or swim lessons, students, many of whom[Read More…]

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Needless Obstacles Plague Pre-Registration

Students itching to head home for the long-awaited Thanksgiving break have at least one imposing hurdle to jump beforehand: the pre-registration process. The procedure involves a wide range of moving parts, requiring students to juggle time slots and curricular requirements. On the system level, MyAccess is embarrassingly lackluster and is[Read More…]

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A Right to Know

Navigating the murky waters of pre-registration has become clearer with the advent of MyAccess. The system still falls short, however, during the period between pre-registration and the start of the semester. yAccess takes into account the fact that subject matter is not the only factor students consider when choosing a[Read More…]

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Baby Steps for MyAccess

Despite the distractions of refreshingly warm weather and looming finals, pre-registration is on the top of most students’ to-do lists. Anyone who has begun exploring next semester’s course catalog will have noticed that MyAccess is to start providing textbook information for many courses. The addition is a simple one that[Read More…]

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