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NATALIE ISÉ FOR THE HOYA Bernard Adeney-Risakotta urged both Western and Indonesian scholars to look beyond the rise radical Islam and into elements of Indonesia's secular society at an event in the Intercultural Center Oct. 2.

Indonesian Professor Predicts Growth of Indonesia’s Influence on Islam

Indonesia has the potential to become a leader in the global Islamic community, University professor of Indonesian society and culture Bernard Adeney-Risakotta said at an event Oct. 2 in the Intercultural Center. The discussion, hosted by the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, centered on religion and democracy[Read More…]

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Turning the Page: The Evolution of Georgetown’s Literary Curriculum

Beltway politics and palace intrigue tend to dominate Washington, D.C.’s headlines, often overshadowing the District’s thriving culture scene. Georgetown University’s own status as an epicenter of politics and international relations often results in a strong emphasis being placed on the school’s government and foreign policy programs, leaving its literary program[Read More…]

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OLSON: Through Travel, Bridge International Divisions

OLSON: Through Travel, Bridge International Divisions

I have always loved to travel. My family has taken me on wonderful adventures around the world, and at Georgetown I have attempted to take every opportunity I can to explore new places and broaden my worldview. My travels have allowed me to appreciate the importance of inclusion and multiculturalism.[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Curating a Diet of Diversity

VIEWPOINT: Curating a Diet of Diversity

In second grade, my teacher announced our class would be hosting a “cultural day,” during which all students were invited to bring in a favorite dish representing their culture. I had no problem choosing mine: borek, a delicious combination of phyllo dough, parsley and feta cheese. Borek was hands-down the[Read More…]

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The Odd Man Out

The Odd Man Out

In retrospect, the summer of 2015 will belong to Donald Trump. The Republican presidential candidate has enthralled both the media and the nation with his bombastic rhetoric and unabashed dismissal of political correctness. His platform on immigration, specifically, has alienated millions of Hispanic residents and thrown reason and logic out[Read More…]

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From Heartland to Hilltop

It is no surprise that Georgetown admits and enrolls more students from certain schools than others. In an interview for a news article earlier this month, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles Deacon noted how Georgetown has long been a destination for students of the nation’s top preparatory schools and how[Read More…]

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Around the World in Seven Days

A friend once said to me, “In this campus, I bet I can bump into a random student crowd and can still find at least one person speaking either Arabic or Chinese.” International students representing 120 different countries make up 12 percent of Georgetown’s student body. From Catalan coffee hours,[Read More…]

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David Cameron’s Flawed Approach to Multiculturalism

In recent weeks, heads of states across Europe have unleashed a new line of rhetoric aimed at tackling terrorism. Well, somewhat new. From David Cameron to Angela Merkel to the always-beloved Nikolas Sarkozy, major European leaders have synchronized their political savvies to combat a persistent threat to their states’ national[Read More…]

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