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A Conversation with Steven Spielberg

A Conversation with Steven Spielberg

Given his extensive body of work, it is no question that Steven Spielberg is often referred to as the greatest filmmaker of the modern age. Having challenged filmic cliches and pioneered special effects at the vanguard of Hollywood over the past 40 years, Spielberg films have very little in common,[Read More…]

Pop Culture DC

Pop Culture DC

Washington, D.C., the capital of political secrets and cover-ups, has always been ready for its close-up. From classics like “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” to popcorn flicks like “National Treasure,” D.C. has been in a constant star in TV and film. However, the Washington, D.C. seen in films and movies[Read More…]

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Kodak Film Captures Spirit of Rome

‘Roman Holiday.” “La Dolce Vita.” “Bicycle Thieves.” “To Rome with Love.” The Eternal City, as anyone who has been there or seen the aforementioned movies can tell you, is anything but camera-shy. While studying abroad in Rome this past spring, I was struck not just by the city’s preposterous cornucopia[Read More…]

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Despite what movies like "Adventureland" promise, not all dull jobs turn into something exciting.

The Downside of Summer

We all dream of summer vacation. And in part, our ideas of what those long, free days will hold are shaped by the countless movies we’ve seen about the adventures that can happen in this wonderfully unpredictable time. From movies like “Adventureland” that promise us that even a dull holiday[Read More…]

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Spoiler Alert: Suspense is Overrated

Yesterday, my friend texted me a pretty big “House of Cards” spoiler. It wasn’t malicious; he just thought I had finished all the episodes. While a lot of people would be extremely upset if a major plot point had been spoiled for them, I can honestly say that I didn’t[Read More…]

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Exploring Foreign Cinema

Exploring Foreign Cinema

As people trickled into the theater, bits of Spanish phrases blended with the laughter of a couple in the front row and the rustling of a potato chip bag. The 24th annual AFI Latin American Film Festival in Silver Spring, Md., was underway.  Despite typically attracting a large audience, the enormous theater was less than[Read More…]

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Finding Films to Change and Grow With Us

There is no great college movie. There is no film that transcends, that speaks to the college or even post-grad experience in a meaningful, interesting way. Most college movies are about frats, whether in the more traditional Animal House-style or the subversive Revenge of the Nerds or House Bunny way. Most of the others are[Read More…]

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Calling on Nostalgia Lacks Originality

At the guide, our staff is known for having strong opinions about pretty much everything. We’re taking stands on the pop culture issues that really matter, from tween stars to the movies that make us smile, and from catchy pop songs to the stories that dominate the Internet. We love nostalgia.[Read More…]

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Smart Horror Remake Honors Original Thriller

Smart Horror Remake Honors Original Thriller

Unlike The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, whose endless number of sequels had already run it into the ground by the time an ill-conceived reboot hit theaters earlier this year, the Evil Dead movies seemed sacred. A trilogy of groundbreaking, increasingly humorous films that established the reputable career of its director, Sam Raimiof Spider-Man fame, and[Read More…]

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Jurassic Park Comes Roaring Back

When I think about dinosaurs running rampant on the silver screen, only one thing comes to mind:Jurassic Park. This association runs deep in the veins of Western film viewers, and any other attempts to reuse dinosaurs would suffer in comparison. Therefore, to satisfy the moviegoers’ craving for paleontological terror, Hollywood[Read More…]

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