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The Throes of Patriarchy

The Throes of Patriarchy

What exactly does it mean to say that feminism has no obligations to men? First, feminism as a movement does not need to include men; and second, feminism as a project does not need to “save” men. While men may certainly choose to identify as feminists, and while abolishing the[Read More…]

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New Voices Join Online Protests

Inspired by the dialogue of the #BBGU campaign, Georgetown students provided personal experiences, thoughts and questions about their life at Georgetown University as students of color through the #BLGU and #BAGU campaigns. The former, on Dec. 12, focused on issues related to Georgetown’s Latino community, while the latter, on Dec.[Read More…]

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Strong Words From GU’s Disabled

Students tweeted about their experiences of being disabled at Georgetown on Monday using the hashtag #BDGU. The protest — inspired by the December #BLGU, #BAGU and #BBGU Twitter protests by minority groups — lamented that Georgetown is far from being disability friendly. Organized by Lydia Brown (COL ’15) along with[Read More…]

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Occupy Movement Makes Camp at GU

Occupy Movement Makes Camp at GU

When about a dozen Occupy protesters settled in D.C.’sMacPherson Square Oct. 1, it seemed that they had appeared overnight. But Michael Kazin, a history professor at Georgetown, believes that the movement was fated. “There’s been a long critique for decades now about income inequality,” he said. “[The movement] was inevitable.” Seven months[Read More…]

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Occupy DC Movement Swells

As the Occupy DC movement gains steam more than two weeks after the first protesters headed to McPherson Square, Georgetown students and faculty are being drawn to the movement. Hundreds of people, including at least 30 Georgetown students organized by the Georgetown Solidarity Committee, marched downtown Saturday to rally on[Read More…]

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A Move to Fight Drug Prohibition

EARLIER THIS WEEK, ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC Holder announced that the federal government would continue to prosecute marijuana-related crimes even if Proposition 19, a California ballot proposition for the legalization and potential taxation of marijuana, passes. It looks like Californians plan on calling Holder’s bluff. Prop. 19 is up in both[Read More…]

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