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Exploring Absence and Loss at The Hirshhorn

What is absence made of? How can we materialize absence? Is that even possible? The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden’s new exhibit, “What Absence Is Made Of,” confronts these questions through a variety of artworks and mediums. The exhibit is separated into five major subthemes: “The Dematerialization of the Art[Read More…]

Street Food With a Side of Graffiti

★★★★☆ One of Arlington’s newest restaurants, Palette 22, brings a fashionable atmosphere to this trendy Virginia neighborhood. I went for dinner on a Saturday night shortly after the restaurant had opened and found the large space packed full both around the bar and at tables. The clientele was very diverse,[Read More…]

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America’s Failing Feminism

When Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers came to campus to discuss her vision of feminism based on equality and the freedom of each sex to do as it chooses last week, the Sexual Assault Peer Education program protested her presence. It emailed its members stating that “an extremist anti-feminist speaker that[Read More…]

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Rhino Bar & Pumphouse, a Georgetown hotspot, will shutter its doors Feb. 28, a result of increased rents, and will not relocate.

Rhino Closes, Ending 63-Year Bar Legacy

Rhino Bar & Pumphouse, the popular M Street sports bar, will be closing its doors Feb. 28. Manager George Kennedy confirmed Rhino is not renewing its lease when it expires at the end of the month, citing the rising rent cost as reason for the closure. The bar is owned[Read More…]

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An Apology for Scientific Theism

An Apology for Scientific Theism

Attacks on religious belief have recently come on two fronts: a political front and an intellectual front. The political front particularly targets Islamist extremism and generalizes it to the entire religion. Bill Maher’s thoughts on the subject have recently provoked the most literature, but as the man’s thoughts on Islam[Read More…]

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The piano at Mr. Smith’s in its new location on K Street. The restaurant and bar has seen reduced business since it left M Street.

As Storefronts Close, Piano Bars Flip-Flop on M Street

With Mr. Smith’s Sept. 1 move to K Street, M Street’s piano silence has finally been broken with the Sept. 12 opening of Georgetown Piano Bar. Staffed with the former employees, managers, and pianists from Mr. Smith’s, which moved to restaurant Chadwicks’ former location at 3205 K St., the new[Read More…]

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The Heart of Language In a Post-Spellcheck World

Spelling matters. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Poles. This week, they created a minor international incident over a spelling conflict. In Lithuania, there is an ethnic minority of around 200,000 Poles who as citizens of that country possess Lithuanian passports, marriage certificates and other official documents. For[Read More…]

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Chivalry and The Lost Art of Relationships

It is not revolutionary to suggest that most relationships of both the congenial and amorous nature fail. One-time acquaintances from New Student Orientation or the first weeks of school fade away. Study buddies from that difficult economics or calculus class drift apart after final exams are turned in. Promising couples[Read More…]

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