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RYAN BAE/THE HOYA The School of Foreign Service Faculty Council’s Nov. 30 vote in favor of allowing SFS undergraduates to pursue minors in the Georgetown College is pending approval, but anticipated to pass, according to SFS Dean Daniel Byman.

SFS Faculty Vote to Allow Students to Pursue College Minors

The School of Foreign Service announced its undergraduates will be able to minor in disciplines within Georgetown College as part of an interschool collaborative effort Dec. 6. The announcement comes after the SFS Faculty Council voted in favor of the policy Nov. 30. The council’s vote awaits approval by the[Read More…]

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Disability Studies Minor Approved

After about three years of advocacy by the Disability Studies Minor Working Group, Georgetown is set to offer a new minor on disability studies this fall after it was approved by the Georgetown College Executive Council on Monday. With the introduction of the minor, the university is set to join[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Uphold Curricular Diversity

As an academic institution, our community benefits from opportunities to learn from a wide range of academic disciplines. The Georgetown University Student Association is currently circulating a petition calling for the university to launch a disability studies minor. The minor would consist of foundational courses, electives and a capstone, similar[Read More…]

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Encourage Applied Study

In a rapidly urbanizing world, the establishment of an urban studies minor at Georgetown is imperative. Fortunately, sociology professor Brian McCabe and English professor Sherry Linkon are collaborating to issue an official proposal for this minor in the College. This interdisciplinary minor would equip students with the skills necessary to[Read More…]

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Professors Launch Working Class Studies Minor Proposal

Several faculty members are collaborating with the Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor to develop an undergraduate Labor and Working-Class Studies, which they aim to begin offering in fall 2016. English professor Sherry Linkon, sociology professor Brian McCabe and John Russo, a visiting researcher at KILWP, are leading[Read More…]

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Policy Safeguards Visiting Minors

The university announced a new Protection of Minors Policy this week, stating that the policy will ensure the safety of non-student minors on campus who participate in Georgetown programs or activities. The policy states that any minor who is 16 or 17 years old may sleep overnight in university housing,[Read More…]

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Ethnic Studies Minor Proposed

A proposed minor in diversity, culture and ethnic studies went before the College Academic Council at the end of October. Although students have previously discussed the option informally, the minor is now supported by the Cura Personalis Initiative, the student-run effort to address diversity issues that presented the preliminary proposal[Read More…]

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College Announces Bioethics Minor

Georgetown’s department of philosophy debuted a new minor in philosophy and bioethics this fall. The Class of 2014 will be the first class allowed to pursue the minor, which requires six classes — “Ethical Theory,” two general education philosophy courses, a philosophy of science class and two other classes that explore bioethical issues. Students[Read More…]

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Journalism Minor Now Accepting Applications

Georgetown College’s new minor in journalism, which was approved by the Executive Curriculum Committee in January, is now accepting applications for its first crop of students. The minor will require six classes, including “Introduction to Journalism,” “Digital News,” “Media Techniques,” a Journalism Capstone and two electives. Although the minor is[Read More…]

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College Institutes New Minor in Education

Georgetown College recently revealed a new minor in Education, Inquiry and Justice for current College sophomores. Applications for the minor, which is currently being limited to 15 students in the sophomore class, are due June 1. The minor will require involvement in the D.C. public school system, building off the[Read More…]

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