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Interpreting ISIL’s Muddled Meaning

Interpreting ISIL’s Muddled Meaning

The American public is horrified by the terrorist group ISIL’s beheading of journalists, systematic civilian killings, and public shootings of homosexuals in the presence of children. However, while the inherent injustice of these actions is basically agreed upon in America, the role that Islamic doctrine plays in justifying ISIL’s actions,[Read More…]

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The Feminism Debate

Emma Watson, U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador, recently spoke at the U.N. Headquarters in New York in an attempt to clarify the meaning of “feminism” to a generation of women who seem to be missing the point. The Women Against Feminism campaign, which began on Tumblr in July 2013, is steadily[Read More…]

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Meat Free Monday, and Other Stories

Meat Free Monday, and Other Stories

Paul McCartney is best known for singing songs such as “Let it Be,” “Hey Jude,” and “Eleanor Rigby.” However, one of his newer songs may be less known—it’s called “Meat Free Monday,” and it is part of his campaign to promote sustainable eating. The lyrics, featured on his website, warn[Read More…]

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Janet Zhu

Waging War for the Working Poor

I wasn’t trying to support a family with my minimum wage paycheck from my summer job in a fast food restaurant. My fellow cashier, Kelsey, however, was. Kelsey’s husband had recently lost his job as a security guard, and she had a 2-month-old son at home to feed. Her story[Read More…]

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