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Midnight MUG, located on the second floor of Lauinger Library, is offering student entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their new products in a Startup Hotel installation opened in mid-October.

Startup Hotel Promotes Student Entrepreneurship

Startup Hotel, an installation in Lauinger Library, is giving aspiring entrepreneurs a new opportunity to show off their startup projects. The about 8-foot-tall translucent tower with shelves holding the products opened in mid-October in Midnight MUG, a Students of Georgetown, Inc. storefront on the second floor and first floors of[Read More…]

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Midnight MUG Hires Mid-Semester

Midnight MUG Hires Mid-Semester

A month after its usual hiring season, The Corp posted a call for two new Midnight MUG employees last Wednesday. Though mid-semester hiring is uncommon, Midnight MUG required more manpower than expected due to non-work-related employee injuries and increased demand. The application will remain open until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday. Students[Read More…]

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Midnight MUG Closes Temporarily

Midnight MUG closed early Tuesday evening after workers discovered a broken water main. The coffee shop will reopen at an indefinite time Wednesday. Midnight Mug Director Elise Mixon (COL ’15) did not know when the service would resume regular hours. Midnight Mug had been using an espresso machine to supplement its offerings,[Read More…]

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More Common Ground

Professors are often an untapped resource on campus. While listening to their lectures or participating in their classroom discussions are certainly enriching in their own right, there is an added benefit to one-on-one interactions. Such person-to-person engagement with a faculty member can lead to enhanced learning, more substantive breakthroughs and[Read More…]

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Midnight MUG Contest Fosters Creativity

Midnight MUG Contest Fosters Creativity

Students packed The Midnight MUG to hear the recipients of The Corp’s first Midnight Writers Scholarship read their award-winning submissions Tuesday night. Four writers — Kaylee Walsh (COL ’13), Ryan Dull (COL ’12), Ciara Foldenauer (COL’14) and Elizabeth Sinden (COL ’12) — received $1,000 for their formally submitted work. Three[Read More…]

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DPAC Corp Location Plan Scrapped

The Corp’s plan to open a café in the Davis Performing Arts center has been cancelled after setbacks. Another Corp location, however, is getting a makeover for the coming academic year. While the Davis Center location had been set to open in early 2010, the project faced planning difficulties that[Read More…]

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