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Patel Addresses Global Mental Health at NHS Commencement

Global mental health expert Vikram Patel spoke about mental health and health inequality in his address to the Class of 2015 at the commencement ceremony for the School of Nursing and Health Studies this afternoon. University President John J. DeGioia presented Patel with a degree of Doctor of Science prior[Read More…]

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The Student Health Center drew criticism from students for slow response times, part of a general discontent with university physical, mental and sexual health services.

Concerns With Campus Health Care Span Array of Issues

On a campus with a population that is known for its passion for and devotion to activities, academics and internships, students often put health on a backburner. The university faced continued struggles this year addressing the problems that students encounter in maintaining their physical, mental and sexual well-being. These issues contributed[Read More…]

The Student Advocacy Office has been reorganized, adding arms dedicated to student workers, 
mental health and free speech, in an attempt to streamline advocacy and increase efficiency.

SAO Revamped in Efficiency Bid

The Student Advocacy Office has been restructured to include branches for student workers, mental health and free speech, under the direction of Director Ryan Shymansky (COL ’16) and Georgetown University Student Association President Joe Luther (COL ’16) and Vice President Connor Rohan (COL ’16). Esmeralda Huerta (SFS ’17) will serve[Read More…]

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Creating Survivors Nonprofit Grows

Creating Survivors, a student-run nonprofit dedicated to mental health issues, has plans to expand its Georgetown chapter to provide services to more students. The nonprofit, which was created in September 2014 by Jairus Nytes (COL ’16), provides students with free access to licensed psychotherapists to prevent teen suicide and assist[Read More…]

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Edilma Yearwood will serve as the president of the International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses after training for a year as the president-elect and will help the ISPN advance its mission to better understand mental health.

NHS Chair Selected as Society President

School of Nursing and Health Studies Interim Nursing Chair Edilma Yearwood was elected president of the International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses in late March. Yearwood will serve in the president-elect role for a year to train for the position before assuming the presidency in 2016. The previous president of[Read More…]

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The Invisible Patient

The Invisible Patient

In a GUSA campaign cycle enlivened by satire, only two things remained sacred: sexual assault and mental health reform. In a conversation with GUSA President Joe Luther, he told me they refused to satirize these two issues because both have true victims and radical consequences in students’ lives. I’ve experienced[Read More…]

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Destigmatizing Depression

Destigmatizing Depression

“No, I can’t be depressed. I’m not some psycho,” I remember telling myself once. For two-and a-half years I had felt this way. I went on with my life just telling myself I was in the wrong place, and ignored the very fact that I was suffering from depression. It[Read More…]

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Informed Amid Uncertainty

Last week’s tragic passing of Andrea Jaime (NHS ’17) from bacterial meningitis garnered the campus community’s attention and reflection. At a time when students and faculty may have been unsure of how to proceed, the information that Student Health Services disseminated in a timely fashion brought comfort to students in[Read More…]

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An Undue Silence About Mental Health

An Undue Silence About Mental Health

We all have doubts. We doubt our choices, our abilities and our goals. Rational, healthy feelings of doubt can be used constructively to identify and confront any challenge, but there is also the debilitating, paralyzing doubt that can obliterate initiative upon conception, which is the doubt that dominated my life[Read More…]

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Sounds of Silence

Sounds of Silence

Georgetown students are certainly not prone to keeping their opinions to themselves: Dialogue, debate and activism are prevalent on the Hilltop. And yet, a collective veil of silence is drawn over some salient issues. These 10 topics — whether overlooked, downplayed, forgotten or ignored — are worth bringing to the table.[Read More…]

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