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RIOS: Quitting to Prosper

RIOS: Quitting to Prosper

It is no secret: I have clinical depression. I first experienced symptoms of depression at age 12, was officially diagnosed at age 16 and began counseling the same year. For the next few years, I worked through high school and my freshman year of college, drifting in and out of[Read More…]

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RIOS: When I Was You

RIOS: When I Was You

To all of the new transfer students: Two years ago, I was you. Georgetown University was new, but being at college was old. Saying goodbye to my parents was not weird the second time, and I knew not to bring so much unnecessary stuff to school with me. Still, I[Read More…]

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Panel Urges Focus on Refugee Mental Health

Panel Urges Focus on Refugee Mental Health

Addressing the mental health and wellness of refugees is a critical challenge after resettlement, according to panelists at an event hosted yesterday in Lohrfink Auditorium by the student refugee advocacy group No Lost Generation. The panel included four professionals in mental health, social work and refugees: Georgetown Institute for the[Read More…]

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As Georgetown’s first online peer-to-peer support platform, Project Lighthouse aims to show stressed college students that any problem is worth talking about, regardless of what others may think. A year from its official launch in April 2016, the program has already supported more than 200 students in the Georgetown community.

Project Lighthouse: Peers Helping Peers

Georgetown’s first online peer-to-peer support service, Project Lighthouse has grown since it was founded last April. Created in partnership with Georgetown’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services, Health Education Services and the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Student Health, the initiative for the program was announced in January 2016. Director[Read More…]

Health and Wellness Issue

Health and Wellness Issue

Campus Health: Where Are We Now?  The Engelhard Project: Healthy Learning, Healthy Living Stalling Unhealthy Habits from the Bathroom Stall Project Lighthouse: Peers Helping Peers Curbing College Stress — How to Finesse Your Stress Meditation and Reflection at the John Main Center Campus Ministry on Spiritual Health Dining out for the[Read More…]

University administrators served on a panel about Georgetown’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services at the second Mental Health Open Forum on Monday.

Panel Calls for Greater Mental Health Reforms

Despite recent organizational changes, including new staff and reduced fees for mental health services, Counseling and Psychiatric Services is still not fully equipped to address the demand for mental health support, according to a panel of six university administrators from the Mental Health Advisory Board at the university’s second annual[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Support CAPS Endowment

Beginning this semester, students affiliated with the Georgetown Scholarship Program will be able to receive all mental health services from Counseling and Psychiatric Services for free, thanks to an anonymous donation. The donation also facilitated the hiring of a new staff psychologist. This donation should be a first step toward[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Mental Health Requires Culture of Care

Last year, 58.6 percent of college students surveyed by the National College Health Assessment expressed feeling “overwhelming anxiety” in the last 12 months. Of college students surveyed, 36.1 percent “felt so depressed it was difficult to function.” At Georgetown University, we can see the clench of anxiety or ache of[Read More…]

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Noah Taylor

EDITORIAL: Dean’s Letter Misses Mark

The University of Chicago’s Dean of Students John Ellison sent a letter to its students on Aug. 24 that included both a welcoming note and a warning regarding conversations on trigger warnings and safe spaces. “We do not support so-called ‘trigger warnings,’ we do not cancel invited speakers because their[Read More…]

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Making Your Story Known and Finding Help in the Process

I’ve had depression since I was 12. I used to be afraid of people finding out, so I kept track of who knew and tried to keep it quiet. I remember feeling angry when my parents told my extended family that I was experiencing severe suicidal thoughts. I was angry[Read More…]

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