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BIGGIO: Finding Hope in Compassion

BIGGIO: Finding Hope in Compassion

Last year, I prided myself on my immunity to the “sophomore slump,” an experience of generalized apathy common among second-year university students. While many sophomores grapple with a dissipation of excitement after college loses its novelty, I delighted in my liberation from freshman-ness. Far from the terrifying loneliness of the[Read More…]

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PROJECT LIGHTHOUSE/FACEBOOK | While some clubs like Hoya Blue and the Georgetown University Astronomical Society emphasize an open membership structure to create an inclusive, low-stress environment, other organizations like CAPS and Project Lighthouse offer strategies and resources for managing the constant stress that comes with Georgetown student life.

Mental Health Clubs, Resources Address Stress Culture

Clubs on campus can be sources of friendship, academic growth, professional connections and party invites, but they can also be a stressful aspect of life for some on the Hilltop. Between the application process and constant interaction with hierarchical power dynamics, some students can struggle with the stress culture associated[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Prioritize Mental Health in GUSA Elections

With intense academic demands and rigorous schedules, mental health care is essential for Georgetown University Student Association executive candidates to seriously consider. Candidates for the 2019 GUSA executive have all listed mental health as a priority of their platforms, but have failed to provide feasible and effective policies to improve[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Dedicate Resources to CAPS

Nearly every syllabus emphasizes that Georgetown Counseling and Psychiatric Services is at your disposal if you are in need of mental health care. And yet, with student demand for services surpassing CAPS’ ability to provide them, mental health support for Georgetown students is far too often just an illusion. As[Read More…]

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Tuition Set to Fund Improvements to Student Housing, Administrators Say

Money from student tuition will fund financial aid, expand mental health resources and improve student housing, university administrators said at the Hoya Roundtable on tuition rate-setting in the Healey Family Student Center Great Room on Nov. 5. Provost Robert Groves and Chief Operating Officer Geoff Chatas hosted the roundtable in[Read More…]

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KIM: Through Meditation, A Path to Students’ Mental Health

KIM: Through Meditation, A Path to Students’ Mental Health

The mental health of college students can be negatively affected by the stress of exams, papers and dynamic socio-environmental factors, such as living away from home for the first time and making new friends. Meditation can provide students with a tool to achieve optimal mental health and self-care. Self-harm and[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Cancel Pre-Thanksgiving Class

A disjointed policy regarding the week of Thanksgiving break leaves Georgetown University students frustrated and stressed. Under current policy, Georgetown observes a four-day weekend for Thanksgiving, cancelling classes on the holiday and the Friday after. The Wednesday before, however, carries a full academic schedule. This policy, much maligned by students[Read More…]

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ADVENTURES IN ADULTING: Natty and Nyquil Won’t Keep the Doctor Away

ADVENTURES IN ADULTING: Natty and Nyquil Won’t Keep the Doctor Away

Now that school is about to start, we’re having those anxiety nightmares about all the things that can go wrong in college. You know the type: You get lost finding an ICC classroom on the first day even though you had a class there last year. GUPD or SNAPS shuts[Read More…]

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OWEN | NBA Turned a Blind Eye to Royce White

OWEN | NBA Turned a Blind Eye to Royce White

The NBA’s decision to institute a leaguewide mental wellness program last month provided hope the league is ready to take concrete measures to ensure the mental health of its players. The two players credited with prompting this change are All-Stars DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love, who publicly shared their stories[Read More…]

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KAPASI: An Effort to Understand Kurt Cobain

KAPASI: An Effort to Understand Kurt Cobain

On April 5, 1994, musical sensation Kurt Cobain committed suicide. Lead singer of Nirvana, Cobain is considered one of the voices of his generation — he is remembered for being a reluctant rock star, a tortured genius and a heroin addict. To this day, he represents the sad contradiction of[Read More…]

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