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KIM: Through Meditation, A Path to Students’ Mental Health

KIM: Through Meditation, A Path to Students’ Mental Health

The mental health of college students can be negatively affected by the stress of exams, papers and dynamic socio-environmental factors, such as living away from home for the first time and making new friends. Meditation can provide students with a tool to achieve optimal mental health and self-care. Self-harm and[Read More…]

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Meditation Fosters Peace and Reflection on Campus

Meditation Fosters Peace and Reflection on Campus

The room is small, bright and quiet, with a small table at the center surrounded by floor cushions and chairs. A meditation leader begins to recite the words of John Main, a British Benedictine monk famed for his meditation techniques, followed by the boom of a gong. Then, silence. Thus[Read More…]

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Teaching people how to integrate the practice of meditation into their daily routines remains the primary purpose of the JMC nonprofit organization, twelve years after its launch.

Meditation and Reflection at the John Main Center

For many Georgetown students, busy schedules and marked-up planners are the norm. With such a fast-paced college culture, multitasking has become a necessity. Such a strong emphasis on activity leaves little room for contemplation. The John Main Center for Meditation and Interreligious Dialogue, however, provides a space for reflection. Aiming[Read More…]

Nicholas Scrimenti

SCRIMENTI: Counter Hate With Meditation

The hate speech from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during this election cycle is unprecedented and dangerous. During this time, we must ask ourselves how each candidate affects the youth of America. What are the candidates teaching our children through their rhetoric and behavior? Researchers have pointed to an increase[Read More…]

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The Mind-Body Medicine Program, which launched 13 years ago in the Georgetown University Medical Center, has expanded to undergraduates over the past few years, catering students in the School of Nursing and Health Studies and the School of Foreign Service who experience stress.

Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Relief Program Expands

“There is nothing that I am prouder of,” Georgetown University Medical Center professor Aviad Haramati said with a smile, recalling his role in the founding of the Mind-Body Medicine Program 13 years ago. The program, built around a series of courses in GUMC, teaches self-care strategies of stress relief and[Read More…]

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ROSENBERGER: A Surprising Journey Via Active Meditation

ROSENBERGER: A Surprising Journey Via Active Meditation

Meditation has always struck me as an inefficient use of valuable time. My distinctly Protestant understanding of prayer allowed me to come before God, unencumbered by intercessors or ritualized language, and speedily drop off a collection of charitable thoughts and concerns. Before Georgetown, I saw meditation as an undisciplined foray[Read More…]

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In the Newsroom: The Meditator

As the university’s THRIVE 2014 week comes to an end, we as a campus have the opportunity to reflect on the lessons that Health Education Services wants to share with us, all of which tie back to the message of “being well.” In a fast-paced culture where students are involved[Read More…]

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Finding Peace and Quiet

Finding Peace and Quiet

After a chance encounter with a monk in London, Gregory Robison, the director of the John Main Center for Meditation and Interreligious Dialogue at Georgetown, spent six months studying in a French Benedictine monastery. This monastic experience with Brother John Main, a Benedictine monk, practitioner of Christian meditation and the namesake of[Read More…]

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