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‘Flex-ible’ Dining Plan

Dining hall plans compose a significant portion of the costs of living here at Georgetown. On top of that, they can also affect students’ physical health if the dining options are too unhealthy. These concerns were voiced by students at the Georgetown University Student Association senate Town Hall on Dining[Read More…]

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Students expressed concerns about meal plans at a forum on Thursday.

University Backs Down on 3-Year Meal Plan Requirement

The university is no longer considering mandating a third-year meal plan, Vice President for Auxiliary Services Joelle Wiese announced at a forum in Sellinger Lounge on Thursday night. “We were just kind of brainstorming and throwing [ideas] out there and that just happened to be one of them,” Wiese said.[Read More…]

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University Considers 3-Year Meal Plan Requirement

The university is considering mandating a third-year meal plan, according to a press release issued today by the Georgetown University Student Association. GUSA President Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Vice President Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15) expressed their opposition to the plan, which adds an additional year of required meal plans.[Read More…]

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David Chardack

No, You Didn’t Hear Us

While Leo’s will never have trouble retaining the freshmen and sophomores who often purchase larger, more expensive meal plans as part of their mandated procurement, the dining hall’s elimination this year of the 45-block meal plan robs juniors and seniors of flexibility in dining options. They claimed to hear us[Read More…]

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Freedom to Chews

Eating at O’Donovan Hall is a rite of passage for most Georgetown students. While it is understandable that freshman meal plans are compulsory, sophomores shouldn’t share the requirement. Leo’s isn’t all bad: As freshmen get to know their surroundings during the whirlwind of their first semester, it’s handy to have[Read More…]

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Eisenberg: Foiling a Leo’s Meal Plan Scheme

Eisenberg: Foiling a Leo’s Meal Plan Scheme

This week, my third semester at Georgetown begins. For me, that spells four more months of essays on Kant’s sex life, procrastination of Yates visits and poor decisions made at Apex courtesy of the Burnett’s liquor dynasty. But one quintessential part of the Georgetown experience will be missing: daily treks[Read More…]

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Flexible Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars are the highlight of most students’ meal plans. The designated money gives them the ability to eat a lunch at Cosi or grab a sandwich from Vital Vittles to break up the daily Leo’s grind. But many students see the well run dry long before their cravings for[Read More…]

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