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The Danger of Our Rape Culture

The Danger of Our Rape Culture

When it first occurred to me to write a viewpoint on the Steubenville rape case, I initially backed away from the idea. How much more could I say that hasn’t already been said? What more could I argue that isn’t already evident? I don’t want to spend time arguing that[Read More…]

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Television’s ‘New Girl’ Cramping Women’s Style

Warning to my male readers: I will use the words “period”, “menstruation” and similar terms three to five times in this article. (That’s what I’m aiming for, at least.) This past week, I had my heart broken by a television show. Many of you may be familiar with the witty[Read More…]

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Pondering Post-Grad: The Struggles of an English Major

This past weekend, I rang in senior year with the annual event that marks the maturity and sophistication that is so characteristic of this time: I went to Club Lau* for the first time and danced with a freshman boy. And by that I mean I did something I call[Read More…]

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Can’t Stand the Dancing in Istanbul

At last, my faithful and devoted readers (also referred to as “parents” and “friends-I-guilt-trip”), I greet you from the rolling hills of Sariyer, Turkey. Oh, I’m sorry, you’re unfamiliar with that. Sariyer is a province in Istanbul and where my university is located. I apologize, I forgot that it has already been two weeks[Read More…]

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Clothes-Conscious in Constantinople

The airport terminal is always a hot bed of entertainment (I don’t get out much). As the meeting point and cross sections of cultures, it is where those both coming and going come to … well, get pissed off. No one enjoys airport travel. There are those who “don’t mind[Read More…]

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