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Reflecting on the Ordeal of a Mishandled Ricin Case

At around 10 p.m. on March 17, I was sitting on my bed in Village C East, crying and holding both a bag of ricin and my scared friend, Daniel Milzman. For the next hour, I tried to convince him to stay, to hand the ricin to me and to[Read More…]

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Campus Shocked by Milzman Arrest

Since Daniel Milzman (COL ’16) was arrested for possessing a lethal quantity of ricin Friday, his friends and colleagues have slowly come to terms with the fact that the science student had been quietly concocting the biological toxin in his dorm room. “Nothing ever would have led me to think[Read More…]

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Sophomore Charged in Ricin Case

Sophomore Charged in Ricin Case

Daniel Milzman (COL ’16) was charged Friday afternoon with possession of a biological toxin after police found ricin in his room on the sixth floor of McCarthy Hall early Tuesday. Federal court documents indicate that Milzman, 19, showed a resident assistant a bag of what he claimed was ricin late[Read More…]

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Emergency personnel surround Southwest Quad, where a substance that tested positive for ricin was found early Tuesday morning.

SWQ Ricin Scare Unnerves Students

In the wake of Tuesday’s revelation that a substance found on the sixth floor of McCarthy Hall had tested positive for the potentially lethal poison ricin, students affected by the investigation have expressed frustration with the university’s inconsistent communication and its dissemination of information during the event and subsequent investigation.[Read More…]

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Ricin Possibly Found in McCarthy Hall

Ricin Possibly Found in McCarthy Hall

A report of a potentially hazardous substance prompted D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services to conduct a test for biological agents in McCarthy Hall early Tuesday morning, leading to the discovery of a powdery substance university officials said could be ricin. While the tests proved negative, according to a campus-wide email[Read More…]

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Burglary Reported in McCarthy Hall

A room in McCarthy Hall was recently burglarized, according to a Department of Public Safety alert. Between 12 p.m. Monday and 8 a.m. Tuesday, someone entered a student’s unlocked room and stole a book bag containing a laptop, textbooks and ear buds. There were no signs of forced entry and[Read More…]

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