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Professor Matthew Kroenig, center, moderated a discussion on nuclear nonproliferation and North Korea between former Pentagon official Michael Rubin, left, and newly appointed Vice Dean of Georgetown College David Edelstein, right, on Wednesday night.

Experts Mull More Aggressive North Korean Responses

Foreign policy experts hashed out strategies to combat the rise of nuclear proliferation in rogue states, including more aggressive actions against North Korea, at an event hosted by the Alexander Hamilton Society Wednesday evening. Former Pentagon official Michael Rubin and newly appointed Vice Dean of Georgetown College David Edelstein discussed[Read More…]

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Senior Associate Dean of the School of Foreign Service Daniel Byman and George Mason University professor Colin Dueck debated about the strengths and weaknesses of President Barack Obama's foreign policy at the Alexander Hamilton Society's first event last Tuesday.

Alexander Hamilton Society Debates Obama’s Legacy

The Georgetown chapter of the Alexander Hamilton Society hosted its first event, a debate between School of Foreign Service professor Daniel Byman and George Mason University professor Colin Dueck on the legacy of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy decisions, on Sept. 20 in the Intercultural Center Auditorium, The chapter of[Read More…]

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Students Launch News App

Students Launch News App

Bitter and defeated after a long, losing night of poker, freshman roommates Anthony Marshi (COL ’18) and Michael Fiedorowicz (COL’18) returned to their room in Darnall Hall on a chilled night in December 2014. As the two began conversing while scrolling through their Facebook newsfeeds, they saw that an article[Read More…]

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Trump Talks Foreign Policy

A day after he swept 118 delegates in five state primaries, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivered a speech at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday in which he delineated his foreign policy platform, including his plans to halt the growth of radical Islam and mend relations with[Read More…]

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Top 10 Articles of 2015

Top 10 Articles of 2015

In 2015, readers were drawn to a variety of articles, from Georgetown University Student Association elections to faculty features to opinion pieces urging the Georgetown community to do more to prevent sexual assault. Here were the top ten most read articles on The Hoya’s website from 2015. 10. 2015-16 Schedule Altered JANUARY[Read More…]

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Professor Keir Lieber received a grant of $500,000 from the Carnegie Corporation to participate in a research study on nuclear deterrence.

Lieber Receives Nuclear Study Grant

School of Foreign Service professor Keir Lieber received a $500,000 grant from the Carnegie Corporation to conduct a two-year research project on the impact of technology on nuclear warfare with professors from three other universities. The study will focus on the intersections of technology and strategic stability, which is a[Read More…]

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Professor Matthew Kroenig and Colin Kahl, the national security advisor to Vice President Joe Biden, participated in a debate Wednesday night at the Healey Family Student Center on the topic of the Iranian nuclear deal with the attendance of approximately 200 students.

Kahl, Kroenig Debate Viability of Nuclear Deal

Nearly 200 students packed the Healey Family Student Center Social Room Wednesday night to listen to two experts on nuclear proliferation, Professor Matthew Kroenig and National Security Advisor to the Vice President Colin Kahl debate the recent accord reached with Iran.  The event was hosted by the College Democrats and[Read More…]

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Matthew Kroenig is an Associate Professor and International Relations Field Chair in the department of government and School of Foreign Service. His distinguished academic career coupled by the success of his two siblings has made Kroenig’s story one of particular interest for students.

The Jet Set Life of Professor Kroenig

Matthew Kroenig’s dissertation book, “Exporting the Bomb,” is a typical academic publication, meant for political science scholars. But there’s an easily missed detail on the book’s back cover that would interest a much wider audience: next to Kroenig’s “about the author” photo are the words “courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld.” Last[Read More…]

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Alexander Hamilton Society Returns

Seven students have relaunched the Alexander Hamilton Society, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that promotes debate on foreign policy and national security, after its absence from campus last school year. President Benjamin Reiser (COL ’17) said the organization’s main goal is to encourage discourse about a variety of issues. “We have[Read More…]

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