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VIEWPOINT: Giving a Voice to the Incarcerated

The United States is the incarceration superpower of the world. There were nearly 2.3 million people incarcerated in America’s prisons and jails as of 2015, a number that dwarfs that of any other country, according to The Sentencing Project, a research and advocacy center. The U.S. rate of imprisonment has[Read More…]

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Study Highlights Race Inequality

Whether married or single, the majority of black mothers in Washington, D.C., are the main providers for their households, according to a study conducted by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research released Sept. 8. Eighty-seven percent of black mothers bear the financial burdens of their families, compared to 47 percent[Read More…]

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Speaker Discusses Incarceration of Disabled People

Talila Lewis, founder of Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf, spoke about the mass incarceration of disabled individuals at the fourth installment of the Lecture and Performance Series on Disability Monday. The event featured a presentation on the discrimination and hardship faced by disabled people in prison,[Read More…]

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