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Decriminalization on Council Agenda

Decriminalization on Council Agenda

The D.C. Council is poised to pass a bill that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana in the District. The “Simple Possession of Small Quantities of Marijuana Decriminalization Amendment Act of 2013” was introduced by mayoral candidate and councilmember Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) and councilmember and[Read More…]

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DC Council Takes Up Marijuana Legalization

In response to a severe racial discrepancy among those arrested for marijuana-related offenses, D.C. Councilmember David Grosso (I-At Large) introduced a bill Tuesday that would legalize recreational usage of marijuana in the District. If passed, the Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Act would permit people over the age of 21 to possess and use[Read More…]

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Law Alum Speaks Bluntly About Marijuana Legalization

Law Alum Speaks Bluntly About Marijuana Legalization

A degree from Georgetown Law will teach you many things. Keith Stroup (LAW ’68), chief legal counsel and former executive director for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), learned how to roll a joint and also how to legally defend his right to do so. Stroup[Read More…]

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PIERRO: Third Party Appeal the Real Deal

PIERRO: Third Party Appeal the Real Deal

This weekend I visited a friend at the University of Maryland. Her sorority house was buzzing in light of the highly

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Meth Found in LXR

The Department of Public Safety uncovered a substance containing methamphetamine in an LXR dorm room early Thursday morning. According to a report in the DPS crime blotter, officers noticed a smell similar to that of marijuana while speaking with two students on the rooftop of LXR Hall. One of the students told DPS that he had smoked[Read More…]

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Editorial: Prison Is Not the Place for Marijuana Users

Nancy Reagan’s famous “Just say no” slogan is starting to go out of style, at least as it relates to marijuana. These days, the drug, which many studies seem to demonstrate is no more dangerous than alcohol, now sits smack in the middle of a debate about legalization. On Thursday,[Read More…]

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Hilltop High: Facing a Shift in Mindset

With pushes to scale back on penalties for marijuana use gaining ground nationwide, the student body has warmed up to use of the drug over time – even if the number of students inhaling has not risen considerably.   According to a 2009 Gallup poll, 44 percent of Americans favored[Read More…]

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First-Year Harbin Resident Arrested by MPD

First-year student Kelly Baltazar, a resident of Harbin Hall Room 229, was arrested Tuesday evening by the Metropolitan Police Department, according to university spokeswoman Julie Bataille. At her arraignment Wednesday, Baltazar pled not guilty and was released from custody. She will undergo drug testing and treatment and her next hearing[Read More…]

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A Move to Fight Drug Prohibition

EARLIER THIS WEEK, ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC Holder announced that the federal government would continue to prosecute marijuana-related crimes even if Proposition 19, a California ballot proposition for the legalization and potential taxation of marijuana, passes. It looks like Californians plan on calling Holder’s bluff. Prop. 19 is up in both[Read More…]

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Three-Leaf Therapy: D.C.’s Marijuana Makeover

Thanks to the D.C. Council’s forward-thinking sensibility, reefer madness is (legally) coming to the District. The Council has recognized the utility of medical marijuana in light of strong evidence that it is a very effective drug in relieving symptoms associated with a wide range of medical issues, from chronic back[Read More…]

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